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Skating and Sentiments Devilgram.png
Skating and Sentiments
Intimacy: Barbatos Lv. 7
Card: Skating and Sentiments
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"He can skate too?"

Barbatos enters an ice rink and invites MC along - they however decide to try later and stay out of the rink as he starts skating. Little D. No. 2 spots them and starts a conversation - a figure skating competition is soon to be held and Barbatos was asked by Diavolo to enter to help the sporting culture develop in the Devildom. As MC watches Barbatos, they're in awe at his skating. No. 2 is sure that Barbatos is already a winner.

"You're never worried about a..."

Barbatos comes back to MC after finishing his program. MC praises him, but Little D. No. 2 notices that something seems to be bothering Barbatos. Barbatos isn't pleased with the little demon's presence so No. 2 tells him that he's there to offer him the fullest support as Diavolo ordered him to. Barbatos however says that he already has all the support he needs and tells No. 2 to go back to the castle. Once No. 2 leaves, Barbatos shares with MC that he's not satisfied with his technique - spins and landings still need work and he doesn't feel ready to perform in front of an audience. Either Barbatos or MC (depending on choice) come to the conclusion that a change of pace might be helpful so he invites MC to skate with him just for fun.

"T-that sport's for normies!"

Barbatos invites MC to the ice rink and offers to teach them. MC encounters choices where they can either rely on Barbatos's assistance or be confident in their skating, they fall though and cannot skate nevertheless. Once they're used to the skates, Barbatos takes them to a round around the rink for practice. After the training, the two visit a restaurant at the ice rink - the restaurant displays autographs and portraits of famous Devildom athletes. Barbatos explains that Diavolo has been trying to incorporate the human sport spirit to the Devildom. If MC complains they are sore after the training, Barbatos considers it a sign they need more exercise and plans to train them instead of explaining Diavolo's ideas. Barbatos expresses that he'll train to deliver the best performance for MC at the competition.

"That's Barbatos."

The competition comes and MC along with the demon brothers arrive at the venue. If MC goes backstage to check on Barbatos, he's confident in his performance but still happy to see them before his turn. They can give him a hug or ask how he's feeling and he promises to give it his best. When the time comes, his performance stuns everyone - he also receives full marks for all the technical elements and wins the competition with ease. As MC goes to congratulate Barbatos on the victory, he tells them that he was able to do it so perfectly because he knew MC was watching. So he dedicates his victory to them.

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