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This page lists all chats in Obey Me! sent to MC by Solomon. For phone calls from Solomon, see Solomon's Calls.

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Farewell Lesson 20-21
Welcome (Back) to the Devildom! Lesson 21-1
Let's Go to the Celestial Realm! 2 Lesson 23-3
Hope I'm Not Disturbing You Lesson 33-18
Surprised? Lesson 41-19
To the Devildom! Lesson 61-4
Heart-Warming✩Valentine Heart-Warming✩Valentine Devilgram
Magic Water 1-2 Happy Birthday! Dear Solomon '21 1-7, 1-16
Leviachan's Otaku Birthday Bash 2 Happy Birthday! Dear Leviathan '22 2-10

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Solomon Steals the Spotlight Day 48
You Forgot Something Day 91
RAD Times 1 Day 163
Where's the Necklace? 3 Day 185
The Mysterious Notebook 4 Day 188
Nightlife Fun Day 195
When Will You Realize? Day 199
Solomon's Kindness Day 255
Seeing the Sun Again Day 271
A Memorable PictureCG 1 Day 280
Solomon's Rumor Day 288
How to Eat Cup Noodles 2 Day 298
On the Tip of My Tongue Day 324
Crossword Puzzle Day 351
Cooking Sorcery Day 361
How to Beat the House of Sorrow Day 376
Let's Pick a Test Subject Day 386
Solomon in Trouble Day 398
Sweets Fair Day 422
Riddle Me This Day 424
Anklet Day 439
Before the Rain Day 459
New Magic Day 465
The Sorcerer's Record 1 Day 497
A Successful Summon! Day 506
An Aptitude for Gaming Day 518
Picnic Day 535
What Do You Like About Me? Day 554
ABC Word Chain 1 Day 566
A Date at the Library Day 583
Real History Day 635
Luke, Home Alone 4 Day 651
Solomon's Visit 1 Day 676
Bucket List Day 690
A Hero's Presence 2 Day 698
Documentaries are Awesome 3 Day 737
What's up With the TV? 3 Day 740
Looking for Something Day 759
Interesting Book on Sweets Day 768
A Blast From the Past Day 791
Health Care is Self-Care Day 813
MeasurementsCG 1 Day 836
Effects of the Climate Day 853
Upgraded Lover's Powder Day 879
Photogenic Foods Day 893
Watch Your Step! Day 897
Care For Some Tea? 2 Day 901
My Darling Traps 2 Day 915
The Rare Vinyl Record 1 Day 922
Free Drink Day 924
The Seven Lords Quiz Tournament 4 Day 945
It Happens Day 958
Recent Purchases Day 970
Can't Stop Humming 2 Day 983
Who Is It? 12 Day 1,015
To Mt. Imminent Death 2 Day 1,017
To Mt. Imminent Death 14 Day 1,023
Solomon's Penance Day 1,033
Sorcerer's Chocolate Day 1,037
Voodoo-Chan 1 Day 1,054
The Least I Can Do Day 1,065
Don't Press Those Buttons 1 Day 1,072
I Wish I Hadn't Seen That Day 1,079
A Rival Appears Day 1,113
Overworked? Day 1,137
A Special Recipe 2 Day 1,146
Subtle Changes Day 1,184

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
A Delay on the Magic Beans Manuscript Search
Our Next Date? Spread Our Wings and Fly
Sharing the Truth Solomon's Box
Extra Scenario You Are Evil
Solomon the Confused The Dame Challenge
Best It Remains a Mystery Candy and a Circus Date
If You Ever Feel Like Crying Make Solomon Cry!
Staking a Claim The Everlasting Rose
My Novelist Debut Let's Write a Novel!
Remember Being a Toddler? Puppet Show
Seeing You in Glasses Solomon the Researcher
The Record Search Continues Seek a Melody
Once in a Blue Moon How to Enjoy a Party
New Hobby Part-Time Struggles
Who's Next on the Pole? Up on the Pole!
The Makings of a Future Master Newbie Navigator
Connor Has Been a Huge Help Solomon's Little Helper
Solomon's Quest Left 4 Cyber
Making Magical Treats Horror Parade Night
Sick Call Capturing the Moment
The Drunken Phenomenon The Effects of a Toast
Checking Up on the Cherry Tree Dancing With the Petals
A Lively New Year's New Year's Revels
Sweet Success Choco-Full of Memories
Wanna Go to the Movies? The Gourmand's Main Dish
Where's Our Money? A Fanged Feast
When's Our Next Date? A Delicious Meal for All
A Dangerous Journey Trunk of Memories

Other Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Happy Birthday (Solomon) Player's Birthday
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