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Solomon the Researcher
Intimacy: Solomon Lv. 7
Card: Solomon the Researcher
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"You're just makin' excuses!"

In the classroom, Solomon is working on an experiment. MC walks in and sees him wearing glasses. Solomon explains that they are special glasses to protect his eyes from harmful magic particles. MC can compliment Solomon on the glasses or tell him that they prefer him without them. Solomon then regretfully tells MC that he is unable to walk home with them like he promised and asks if they'd mind walking home by themselves. MC refuses and Solomon apologizes for not telling them sooner. He explains that he has to finish the research he is conducting by today and it is more complicated than he thought so he hasn't made much progress. MC offers to help but Solomon declines, saying that he doesn't want to keep them at school all night. MC insists so Solomon agrees to let them work with him.

"What are the results?"

Solomon asks MC to begin an analysis of a magic potion. The potion releases particles that are harmful to humans, so Solomon gives MC a pair of special glasses and tells them to make sure they are wearing them at all times. Solomon continues conducting research, and MC may do the same or choose to watch Solomon. If they continue preparing the resource materials, Solomon praises them for being a good assistant. If they watch Solomon, then they compliment him on either how serious he looks or how deep in concentration he is. Solomon then asks MC about the progress they've made. If MC admits they haven't made much progress, Solomon assures them that the magic is tricky so they can take their time. If MC says they're almost finished, Solomon compliments them on their progress. Later, at midnight, Solomon suggests they take a break.

"Delicious coffee is the best."

Solomon and MC go to the RAD garden to drink some coffee. MC has a caramel latte while Solomon's drink is more bitter. Solomon comments on how quiet the campus is. In response, MC can ask if they're allowed to be here so late, to which Solomon confirms that he has permission, or say that the campus is creepy. Solomon agrees and comments that it's easy to forget they're in the Devildom when the brothers are around, but it's different when everyone is gone. He then tells MC that he didn't think they would want to help with his research but MC can reassure him that they wanted to hang out with him or that they were curious about his work. Solomon then decides that they should go back inside to continue working.

"Staying over, how bold ♡"

Back inside the classroom, Solomon yawns and tells MC that it's getting harder to stay awake. He offers MC a mattress and a blanket in case they want to take a nap. MC can accept this offer or they can suggest having a snack, in which case Solomon makes them some instant noodles. A little while later, Solomon falls asleep. MC can choose whether or not to wake him up. By morning, Solomon is done with his report, and it is two hours before class. He suggests to MC that they relax before class starts. MC can suggest that they get some sleep, or tell Solomon that they want to kiss him.

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