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Strongest of the Strong Devilgram.png
Strongest of the Strong
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Solomon Lv. 3
Card: Strongest of the Strong
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"I don't want to argue with..."

Lucifer and Solomon play a fight scene for the animal film. Diavolo ends the filming, but the two still keep growling at each other, until they're thrown out of their immersion. They admit they didn't notice, and Diavolo is concerned that they might have been taking it too far. The two claim however that they were just acting, and reassure Diavolo that they do not have any ill will towards each other. MC can point out it didn't look like acting and Mammon agrees that the tension felt way too big for it to be just acting. If MC doesn't point that out but calls it a convincing performance, both react laconically and Asmodeus points out the tension.

"I've never seen Solomon so..."

Diavolo decides it's time for a short break. Solomon approaches MC and asks if they're tired of watching the filming from the sidelines. MC can admit that the fight scene was scary, which makes Solomon feel bad about scaring them. He admits that he forgot he was just acting and got carried away, and explains he lost his cool when his attacks didn't work. He plans however to mix a spell into the fight as he's not giving up. Only then he starts wondering if he's even allowed to use magic, but decides to try anyway.

"We've found something inter..."

MC approaches Lucifer next, who is annoyed in advance at the expected questions about the battle scene. He admits he wasn't himself during the scene, and that it got on his nerves that Solomon was actually a match for him, despite being a human. He would actually prefer not to fight Solomon at all, but since it's what Diavolo wanted, he has no choice. However, Lucifer plans to be more careful the next time, and asks MC to leave him alone so he can cool his head.

"It's worth seeing."

After the scene is finished, both Solomon and Lucifer are tired. Diavolo congratulates them on the great scene. Diavolo suggests them to shake hands as a sign there will be no ill will between them after the filming, which upsets them both. Lucifer complies with the suggestion, Solomon does as well. As they exchange the compliments, it turns out that both are impressed with each other's strength, though if MC points out that they hold each other in high esteem, both get flustered and deny it. Asmodeus notices they're both blushing, to which Solomon uses the power of his pact to shut him up, and Lucifer threatens Asmo with consequences if he keeps talking. If MC doesn't point out their mutual respect, they just express that they don't want to fight each other ever again. This pleases Diavolo, who sees it as an opportunity for them to become friends.

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