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The Best Accompaniment
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Card: The Best Accompaniment
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"I'm not going to drink!"

Asmodeus, Mammon, and Lucifer are discussing this year's release of a vintage Demonus. MC is rather confused at the discussion between the brothers. Lucifer explains that Hell's Kitchen has the coveted Demonus, but each person needs to bring a side dish in order to have some. The drink is free if the side dish wins the owner's approval, although it's a difficult accomplishment. Each year has a theme, and this year's theme is "the best accompaniment for Demonus."

"That's difficult."

Asmodeus, Mammon, and Leviathan are all excited to bring a dish to win access to the event. Beelzebub also wants to participate because he gets to eat the side dishes. Lucifer talks directly with MC about his intention to enter, although he doesn't know what kind of side dish to bring. MC can make a suggestion, although Mammon and Asmodeus have already made their decisions and leave.

"Let's leave it to them."

Lucifer can't decide what dish to bring. Meanwhile, Mammon and Asmodeus return unsuccessful (although Beelzebub succeeded in eating food). The boys discuss the assortment of amazing looking dishes that were all rejected by the owner, which surprises Lucifer. He suggests that maybe the "accompaniments" from the theme aren't supposed to be food at all. Depending on MC's choice, either MC or Lucifer will suggest that the accompaniment should be friends to drink with.

"You can invite me, too."

All seven brothers and MC go to Hell's Kitchen together and announce at the door that the best side dish for Demonus is friends you can drink with. The door opens. The group goes inside and are the only customers. Mammon and Asmodeus want to have a drinking competition, but Beelzebub and Leviathan want to get something to eat. The scene skips ahead to Mammon and Asmodeus saying they've reached their limits. Lucifer comments at how well MC can hold their Demonus, and admits that even he is getting a little tipsy. He notes that his brothers have fallen asleep, and asks MC to come closer. If MC agrees, they share a kiss. Lucifer expresses that he's happy to spend time tasting the New Year Demonus with MC.

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