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The Ghost Ship
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 3
Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: The Ghost Ship
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"A little fun nev..."

Lucifer goes over to Diavolo's place to hang out and orders the rest of his brothers to not touch his belongings before he leaves, or else he'll punish them. They all agree, but the moment Lucifer leaves, Mammon tells Levi to put on some music and to "make it loud". Levi agrees, causing Satan and Asmo to become concerned about the direction of where this is heading.

"Like they'd actu..."

Levi suggests anime music and Mammon says that anything is fine. The scene then cuts to the music room where the two of them are listening to music and singing along loudly. Meanwhile Satan and Asmo are annoyed because they can't read in the library with this noise, so they go over to scold Mammon and Levi. They get into a small argument when Beel shows up, saying the music is perfect for weightlifting. As Beel joins Mammon and Levi, Asmo and Satan give up and decide to go read in a different room. Levi and Mammon high five to celebrate the victory.

"What was that sound?"

Beel continues to work out in the music room, and Mammon tells him he should train himself to be quick and nimble as well. Then Mammon suggests a "special sort of workout" for Beel, saying he should try catching Mammon. Beel agrees, and Levi joins in the chase too. The scene cuts to Asmo and Satan in the common room, the two of them agreeing that something bad will definitely happen. Beel and Levi are having a hard time trying to catch Mammon, and they end up at the library at some point. Levi and Beel come up with a strategy to trap Mammon, but he ends up tripping over something and a loud crash is heard.

"You thought you c..."

Asmo and Satan enter the library and Asmo gasps when he notices that the others have broken Lucifer's ship in a bottle (a gift from Diavolo). Mammon asks if it can be fixed somehow, and at first Satan says it's unlikely, but after Asmo notes that they'll get in trouble for this as well, the both of them come up with an idea to fix the ship with magic. When Lucifer comes back, Asmo asks to chat about his day with Diavolo in another room. All appears to be well and the others are relieved, thanking Asmo and Satan for their help. However, the next day Lucifer, in his demon form, surrounded by dark aura, demands his brothers to show up at the library. He wants to know who broke the ship, and the others are surprised he found out. Turns out, the ship is actually Carouche, an actual ghost ship, which was sealed by Diavolo inside that bottle, but was spotted in the human world last night, meaning that the seal was broken. Satan and Asmo immediately push the blame onto the others and Lucifer (presumably) drags them away for their punishment.

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