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Together Forever Devilgram.png
Together Forever
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card: Together Forever
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"A big doll?"

At the breakfast table, Mammon starts to complain that the giant plushie is cramping his style. The plushie, dubbed Beel Jr., was a gift made by Belphegor. He wanted it to be a secret, but Beelzebub is just so excited by it that he considers the doll his clone. After hearing this, Lucifer still says that the doll is crowding the table. Beel agrees to move it elsewhere in the kitchen. What Lucifer wanted to hint at was that toys should be kept in the bedroom. Beel says that would be like leaving half of himself behind.

"Let's make one for Luke"

MC walks into the den to find Beelzebub doing pushups with Beel Jr. On his back. The doll is surprisingly heavy so it is helpful for his gains. In the next scene, Simeon is surprised that Beel brought him to class. Finally, Beel is sharing chocolate with Jr. in the music room.

"I clung to it too much."

In his bedroom, Beelzebub is panicking that Jr. is torn and losing stuffing fast. MC can chastise him for wearing out the stitches or go straight into surgery on the doll. Beel borrows a sewing kit from Leviathan and MC starts to sew. Every time that the needle touches the doll, Beel squeals and groans before it feels like he's being stabbed with it.

"I think I'll make one too."

Now that Junior is as good as new, Beelzebub decides to leave him in his room. He also wants to make a doll for Belphegor. A few finger pricks later, the new plushie is finished but is lumpy-looking. The two can try again with Beel thanking MC for staying with him until the end. Telling Beel that Belphie will like it no matter what will have him say that they always know how to cheer him up. In this case, he thanks MC with either a hug or a kiss.

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