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Vampire Partners in Crime
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 7
Card: Vampire Partners in Crime
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Cause that's not sketchy?"

MC comes to Leviathan's room since he invited them for a gaming session. Levi's eyes however hurt after marathoning anime last night, so he suggests a card game - he recently received one from Akuzon but since he didn't remember ordering it, he assumed he ordered it accidentally - but still kept it. They start playing by pulling a card to determine their roles. They both pull a vampire and it turns out that all role cards are for vampires. He notices that MC grew fangs and so did he - the game really turned them into vampires.

"My blood tastes bad, so don't..."

Levi starts panicking, then notices it's like from an anime storyline but tries to calm down and examine the card game. As they examine the delivery box too, they find that it was actually addressed to Mammon - somehow it was brought to his room though. He starts feeling thirsty and concludes it must be the vampire thirst. They go to search for Mammon, but Belphegor informs them that Mammon just left. MC's thirst gets stronger.

"Geez, why is Belphie so..."

MC is driven by their vampire thirst and attempts to grab onto either Levi or Belphie. They don't attack them but as the situation is getting complicated, Levi needs advice. He turns to Belphie, who immediately turns him down without listening as he doesn't want to get wrapped into anything. Levi tries to play on his family feelings but Belphie doesn't buy it and leaves. Levi and MC head to the kitchen to try to dull the thirst but it doesn't work. Levi starts feeling for Beel who deals with similar urges everyday and panicking that they're stuck as vampires forever. MC suggests drinking each other's blood but Levi is too flustered, so the only solution is - according to him - escapism. MC however prefers to try getting help from one of the brothers so they choose Lucifer.

"I wonder if it hurts."

Lucifer listens to them but as Leviathan attempts to use the family argument again, he refuses and changes his mind only upon MC's plea. He cannot just remove the curse but estimates it should pass at midnight, so MC and Leviathan have to wait until then. Lucifer orders them to shut themselves into their respective rooms. MC might argue that which moves Levi, but Lucifer explains that they're still a human and a demon, so MC might not survive the attack if Levi lost control over his vampire urges. After they leave, Levi still asks MC to stay with him and MC agrees. MC suggests drinking each other's blood again and this time Levi is too thirsty to refuse. As he drinks he cannot stop and MC passes out.

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