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A Butler's Private Lesson Devilgram.png
A Butler's Private Lesson
Intimacy: Barbatos Lv. 7
Card: A Butler's Private Lesson
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"That's confusing."

MC arrives to the Demon Lord's Castle at Barbatos's request, as he obtained a new blend of tea and wanted to have a tea party with MC and Diavolo. However, Diavolo is currently away due to urgent business. Since Diavolo should be back shortly, Barbatos suggests doing something else in the meantime. They settle for looking through some picture books. Barbatos attempts to warn MC not to touch the book with a strong magical aura, but MC ends up touching it and gets sucked in. In the book, they meet Asmodeus and Lucifer. They are, however, only characters playing the roles of soldiers. MC, as Belphegor explains, plays a human visiting their world. Belphegor is a wandering fortune teller, and tells MC that they have to marry the prince or they'll never be able to go back to their world.

"No spoilers!"

Barbatos finds MC; he dove into the book right after them. Lucifer and Belphegor explain MC's duty to him, but the prince's name gets censored in Lucifer's words, as the book prevents them from spoiling the main plot. Barbatos comes to the conclusion that MC needs to capture the prince's heart first, so they need to learn the etiquette of the upper society. He manages to get in contact with the castle, and Satan, as the prince's valet, prepares a room for their lessons.

"My head's gonna explode!"

Barbatos starts the lessons with education and quotes a classic: Shakespiatto. After the lesson, he concludes that MC should be able to demonstrate their erudition. Then then move on to sewing, which he considers an essential skill for an adult, then to manners. Barbatos demonstrates how to pour tea correctly, and explains how the cup should be handled. After he's pleased with MC's performance, he moves on to teacakes. He prepared spider's web cream puffs as a special treat and reward for MC. Once they've recovered their energy, it's time for dancing lessons. MC manages to go through the whole training on a single day, which Barbatos considers impressive, and they can now attend the ball. Barbatos has already prepared MC's attire for the ball.

"Happily ever after, it is!"

In the prince's castle, MC is welcomed by Asmodeus, who's curious if MC has made any moves to capture the prince's heart yet. Barbatos assists MC during the ball, and asks them for a dance. As they dance, Barbatos expresses how pleased he is at MC's performance, and is charmed by MC's talents and grace. He confirms that MC captured his heart, and asks them to marry him, as he was the prince from the beginning. Barbatos figured out the plot early on from Satan's behavior. Since they reached the happy ending, MC and Barbatos leave the book just in time for Diavolo's return. Barbatos goes to prepare refreshments, and considers the adventure an interesting story to tell over the tea.

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