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A Party Just for Two
Intimacy: Barbatos Lv. 7
Card: A Party Just for Two
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Partygoers sure are intere..."

Diavolo is throwing a part at the Demon Lord's Castle, and Barbatos asks if anyone would like anything from the kitchen, as he's about to head there. MC can either offer to help him, or ask if he's join to join them in celebrating. Either way, Asmodeus points out that there's an entire buffet of food and drinks available already, and he's sure Diavolo chose this setup and ordered catering so that Barbatos could enjoy the party with everyone else. Barbatos admits that's likely true, so Asmodeus insists he will now personally give him a "crash course in Party People 101." Because Diavolo keeps telling him that he should relax more, Barbatos agrees.

"I really don't like noisy vo..."

Asmodeus's first lesson for Barbatos is enjoying the music and dancing, and when Barbatos does this, Asmodeus is stunned to see his dancing skills are nearly better than his. MC can either says Barbatos is already a natural, or say it would be perfect if he looked happier. If MC says the latter, Asmodeus tells him to smile, but thinks he looks "a little scary" when he does so.

Lesson two is next, and Asmodeus says that "party people catchphrases" are "'aaay!" and "yaaay!" These translate to things like "great to see you!" and "This is a blast!" according to him. Barbatos is impressed, but MC either says they wouldn't call that "communication" or that they had no idea those words meant that. When Barbatos tries using these catchphrases, Asmodeus still thinks something is missing. After more lessons, Barbatos excuses himself, and says he'll continue this later.

"A tower of macarons, wow."

MC follows Barbatos away from the party and into the kitchen, and can tell Barbatos they either left because they were tired, or because they wanted to be with him. If they say the latter, Barbatos replies that makes him happy. However, he's tired from Asmodeus teaching him to be a "party person," and feels he isn't cut out for it. MC can tell him to try again another time, or that they like him the way he is.

Barbatos then asks if MC would like to try the macaron tower he made in case the catering wasn't enough. He also suggests they have a private party for just the two of them. He admits maybe he shouldn't be keeping MC to himself, so MC either responds they will make an exception for him, or that they want him to keep them all to himself.

"Deluxe Demonus is so great."

Barbatos suggests he and MC start their "private party" with a toast, and retrieves a bottle of deluxe Demonus that he'd been saving. When MC questions him about this being a "special occasion," Barbatos explains it's special because he's spending time with MC. He encourages MC to try the macaron tower, and asks for MC to feed him. He then blushes, and says the deluxe Demonus must be affecting him.

He notes said Demonus isn't affecting MC, and wonders why he's the only one feeling "so hopelessly in love." If MC says they've never seen him like this, he says it isn't just the Demonus, but MC's presence affecting him, and that MC has seen sides of him even Diavolo hasn't seen. If MC says Barbatos can ask them for anything, he asks for a kiss, which MC can choose to give him.

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