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A Sweet Adventure for Two Devilgram.png
A Sweet Adventure for Two
Intimacy: Diavolo Lv. 7
Card: A Sweet Adventure for Two
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Diavolo's negotiation skills are..."

Diavolo summons MC to the Demon Lord's Castle and he explains that he had received report of an abyss crimson bee hive which had turned out to be an abyss crimson wasp nest instead and asks MC to join him on his expedition in searching for an actual abyss crimson bee hive. He then goes on saying that they will be able to find the abyss crimson bee hive near where there was an abyss crimson wasp nest as the abyss crimson wasp are known to mimic abyss crimson bees. He also explains how he will be using a magic item to disable the bees that will put them to sleep, and then asks MC to follow him.

"I've seen this one before."

Diavolo and MC are in the RAD library, doing further research on the abyss crimson bee hives. And Diavolo mentions how he would like MC to learn more about the creatures in the Devildom being one of the reasons he invited MC to join him. MC can reply with either asking if that was the only reason he had asked them to join him, in which he will admit he also wanted to spend time with MC or, agree to devote themselves to studying which Diavolo appreciates and they review what they have learnt one more time. After a few days, they are set off with a farewell from Barbatos and asking them to be careful on their journey.

"Excellent teamwork."

Once MC and Diavolo arrive at the cave, they decide to enter the dim cave which included a more complex network of caves once inside, so Diavolo asks MC to hold his hand. They both hear sounds of a swarm of abyss crimson wasps approaching their way so Diavolo uses the magic item he had mentioned earlier to put the wasps to sleep, and tells MC to use their magic to clear them off the bridge as they will wake up quicker than abyss crimson bees. After the wasps have been sent off the bridge, they once again hear buzzing noises except this time they appear to be the abyss crimson bees, suggesting they want Diavolo and MC to follow them.

"I want some honey too."

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