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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"Now, that's exciting!"

Leviathan asks MC where Asmodeus and Solomon have gone. MC tells him that they're running an event with the Scary Freaks, who are a group of artists that run events across the Devildom. Leviathan becomes jealous, but isn't interested in going to a party for extroverts. Belphegor suddenly enters the dining room, and asks the two to follow him. He brings them to the garden, where Beelzebub is waiting for them with several jugs of mystery liquid.

"It sure sounds like fun."

Beelzebub and Belphegor explain that Solomon gave them the extra bubble liquid from the event. There's too much, and they need help getting through it. MC and Leviathan decide to call the other brothers to help, and Leviathan gets an idea to hold a "Bubble Gun Deathmatch" to determine the strongest brother among them.

"I also wanted to joooin!"

Mammon and Satan arrive, and agree to play. Leviathan explains the rules: If you leave the House of Lamentation grounds or get shot by a bubble, you lose, and the last one standing wins. After Leviathan explains the rules (or if MC fires a bubble at Mammon), they discover that the bubbles make you teleport. The game starts, and MC can either shoot Belphegor while he's napping in a tree, or win a shootout with Beelzebub because he drank all his bubble liquid.

"I'll win next time for sure."

Meanwhile, Satan and Mammon are having a shootout when they suddenly get shot by Leviathan in the bushes. He praises his gaming-polished stealth skills, and then goes to find MC. They find each other in the woods and begin the final showdown. If MC chooses to flank him, Leviathan outmaneuvers them and they lose. If MC attacks head-on, they take him by surprise and win. In the end, the two clean their guns in the bathroom. Leviathan is happy they used all the liquid while getting to use the guns he bought, and asks to do it again sometime.

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