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Beel's Errand Devilgram.png
Beel's Errand
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 5
Simeon Lv. 3
Card: Beel's Errand
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Simeon's been overprotective..."

In town, Simeon is sneaking around and tells MC to squeeze up next to him. He explains that he's been following Beelzebub to make sure he does the shopping correctly. Simeon explains that Beel has bought extra food that wasn't on the list three times in a row, and doesn't want him to be punished by Lucifer again. When MC suggests that he's being overprotective, Simeon says that it's always been that way ever since they lived in the celestial realm and he doesn't want to see Beel scolded since he's a good guy at heart.

"Playing detective looks like fun."

Beelzebub smells something tasty coming from a store, and Simeon worries that he'll go in and get distracted. Thinking quickly, he loudly says that the supermarket will close early today. Beel overhears it and realizes he needs to hurry. Simeon worries that there will be a lot of distractions for Beel since there are so many restaurants around. He wonders if this is what being a guardian angel feels like, but suddenly realizes Beelzebub has slipped away while they were chatting.

"Thanks for looking over Beel."

Beelzebub is getting distracted again by another store selling cream puffs. Simeon asks what he should do, but MC has a plan. They cast a spell that makes Beelzebub's legs walk in the opposite direction, but Beel isn't giving up. Simeon does something on his D.D.D. and suddenly the store is all sold out of cream puffs. Beel is disappointed, but continues on his way to the grocery store. Simeon praises MC's quick thinking and says there's only a little ways left to go.

"It appears that punishment is..."

Simeon and MC return to the House of Lamentation out of breath after stopping him from so many stores. The two go inside and greet Beelzebub, who asks why the two were out following him. If MC denies it was them, Beel says he could smell the two of them all along. Simeon apologizes, and admits he was watching over him so Lucifer wouldn't get upset at his overspending. Beelzebub understands and thanks them, saying they should all shop together next time.

Suddenly, a giant delivery of cream puffs arrives at the door. Lucifer notices they were all bought with his credit card and demands to know who is responsible. Simeon admits that he accidentally used Lucifer's card to order the bakery's entire stock on Akuber back in town. Lucifer is extremely displeased, and Beel says that's what happens when you buy things off the shopping list.

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