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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"It's an isekai classic!"

In the dining room at the House of Lamentation, Beelzebub runs into MC and asks them for a favor. He tells them that Belphegor is napping in the garden, and asks MC if they can wake him, as his attempts were unsuccessful and he is worried he will catch a cold outside. MC heads out to the garden to find Belphegor. They are successfully able to wake him, and he complains that he was really enjoying sleeping there. Before heading inside though, he notices a sword sticking out of the ground. When he pulls it out, he and MC are suddenly transported to a field with horses in it, seemingly in the Human World.

"Other worlds seem fun!"

Standing in a sunny field in his butler's suit, Belphegor notes that they don't seem to be in the Devildom anymore. He also reports that the sword he pulled from the ground is hanging at his waist, and theorizes that it is the cause of the transportation. MC points out something on the ground that turns out to be a book about a Human World fairytale about a hero cat in human clothes and boots. Belphegor suggests that the story has a lot of parallels with their situation, and together they theorize that they have to play out the story to go home. The story is of a cat that uses various methods to make the poor miller's kid rich. They suspect that Belphegor is to play the cat and MC is to play the miller's kid.

"How skillful."

Later in the bedroom of the run-down shack they appeared outside of, Belphegor recaps that both he and MC had tried using their magic, but found it didn't work. They had hoped to conjure gold as the quickest way to get rich and go home, but instead they had to think of a backup plan. After reading about the way the cat managed this in the book, they find that method to be too slow and instead decide to visit a witch's castle rather than the king's. At the witch's castle, they find a magic wand sitting out. Thankfully the witch is not around, so they swipe the wand and transform a stick to be a decoy to leave behind. With the wand in hand, they head back to their shack and transform it into a beautiful palace so that they can get closer to nobility and make money.

"What a romantic outcome."

Back at their palace, a frustrated Belphegor asks what is happening. To him, this sounds like he has made MC rich and fulfilled the story, yet they stay in this world. An invitation arrives from the king for MC to visit his castle. Belphegor expects him to propose to them as he does in the story, but he seems hesitant. Before deciding, Belphegor asks MC to join him in an observatory, where he tells them that it makes him jealous, even if it's just a story. MC can either tell him that it can't hurt to try, or assure him of their feelings by giving him a kiss or hug. Either way, a shooting star will go by and after a wish to return home, they are awakened back in the garden by Beelzebub. He tells them that they both fell asleep and that they must have shared a strange dream.

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