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Belphie in Wonderland
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 7
Card: Belphie in Wonderland
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"You're quite a skilled brown..."

Related to the We're All Bad Here pop quiz. MC comes to Belphegor's room to wake him up and bring him to a tea party. He doesn't want to go, because not only do tea parties happen often, but this specific one is held by Lucifer of all people. Belphie teases MC that he'll go if they kiss him, but if MC does as he wants, he's surprised and flustered as he was only teasing to fluster them.

"It's mini!"

Belphie complains about the fact that Lucifer made MC bring him to the tea party, but admits that he wouldn't want Lucifer to come for him in person either. He tells MC that they make him want to tease them, then gives them a cookie and puts it into their mouth. After eating the cookie, MC shrinks. Belphie is in awe of how cute and tiny MC is, and claims he'd want them to stay small so he could keep them for himself forever.

"You asked for it."

Belphie continues gushing about how tiny MC is. However, he does have an antidote and offers it to MC in exchange for a declaration of love. He accidentally drops it and the potion from the crashed bottle gets into his mouth. He then shrinks as well, baffled as to why, then tries to explain to the suspicious MC that he really didn't want to shrink them even more. He finds written with small text on the label that the potion has an opposite effect on demons.

"Don't make me wait."

Belphie and MC try to walk to the tea party, but they're so small that the way is very difficult and long. Belphie wants to take a break and rest a bit, determining that no one will notice them when they're so tiny if they hide. He wants to get some time alone with MC without others bothering them, and wants to stay tiny with MC together. But since the effects of potions wear off after some time, he suspects they would turn back eventually and wants to spend this time with MC. MC can hold his hand, hug, or kiss him, but soon Beel shows up and interrupts them. He doesn't see them yet, but he's looking for them on Lucifer's orders. Belphie and MC try to hide, but the magic wears off. Beel then notices them and brings them to the tea party.

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