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Here Comes Santa Beel
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 7
Card: Here Comes Santa Beel
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"You're too easy."

Lucifer finds all his brothers in the common room and attempts to talk to them, but they complain it usually means trouble and don't even want to listen to what he has to say. Only after MC asks, Lucifer finally gets to explain that the man who distributes gifts, Santa, injured himself and Diavolo asked the brothers for assistance - one of them is supposed to fill in for Santa that year. Since everyone refuses and leaves the room, only save for MC and Beel - who was busy eating and wasn't listening - it turns out that the task would be passed to Beel. He doesn't want to do it, but Lucifer bribes him with a three-month free pass to RAD's cafeteria. With some nudging from MC, Beel finally agrees.

"Perhaps you ate too much."

MC and Beel are reviewing what Santa's usual tasks are - Beel decides to start by choosing presents. After finishing the gift list he proceeds to perform maintenance on the sleigh - but it breaks under his weight.

"All you had to do was bri..."

Beel reports to Lucifer that the sleigh is broken. MC tries to get them to brainstorm, but it seems that someone has to take Beel's place in the sleigh even if it gets repaired. Lucifer decides to take over and get the sleigh repaired and sends Beel and MC off to find a solution to the problem that Beel cannot ride the sleigh. They go to ask Satan if there's a way to lose muscle in a short time. Satan immediately tells them that it's impossible but Beel still wants some advice from him - as he trusts that Satan's book reading equipped him with the necessary knowledge to help them. Satan gives them two possible solutions - finding a sturdier sleigh or a volunteer to replace Beel for the ride, but none of the options seem possible as it's too close to Christmas to get a new sleigh and none of the brothers would do that. The only one who seems like they might be able to convince is Belphegor due to his closeness to Beel. Belphie agrees to help them.

"There is always THAT solution..."

Belphie specifies that albeit he agreed to help, it did not mean that he'd fill for Santa as it'd interfere with his sleep. He doesn't know how he's supposed to help then, and advised them to just put the real Santa onto the sleigh. As Beel refutes that, saying the whole task is on them because the real Santa cannot do it, Belphie promises to think of another solution. Later, on Christmas morning there is still no news from him and Beel is getting anxious. He explains to MC that it's not the missed free pass to the cafeteria that upsets him the most - it's because he knows that many human children are awaiting the presents but possibly won't get them. Finally Belphie comes back and tells them that he managed to get the real Santa ride the sleigh - Belphie organised one of "Asmo's special massages" for him and he's gotten well enough to be able to deliver the gifts. Belphie doesn't want to explain what those massages are and tells Beel to go to see Santa and update him on how the preparations are going, so he can take over. When everything is settled, Beel asks MC to spend Christmas with him - but Belphie shows up and demands to be included in their Christmas time too.

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