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Idol Lucifer Devilgram.png
Idol Lucifer
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Card: Idol Lucifer
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Just as I thought. He pl..."

Simeon and Solomon are at a café when they hear a song by Nageki, launching a conversation about the music group. Solomon states that he's had an interest in Lucifer, the lead singer, for a while. Simeon excitedly expresses that he has an album that really highlights Lucifer's vocals when Lucifer appears with MC, his manager. He is there to meet the owner of the largest music company in the Devildom, Diavolo. Lucifer is suspicious of Diavolo, and asks him to get straight to the point. Diavolo complies, asking Lucifer if he'd like to sign on with his company.

"Leaving the group?"

Lucifer contemplates Diavolo's offer to become a solo artist, and Mammon agrees that he should make the jump. However, Lucifer is distracted and fails to respond, only snapping back into reality when MC calls out at him. Lucifer leaves the room and the demon brothers ask MC if there's something wrong with Lucifer. MC can evade the question or tell the demon brothers what's happening - if the latter, they react with shock.

"It was just getting good!"

Training has just finished and Beelzebub is hungry. Thankfully, someone had sent refreshments over, and it is revealed that is was Diavolo who had sent them. Belphegor confirms with Lucifer that he hasn't responded yet. Lucifer doesn't respond, causing Satan to be bitter and say that Nageki doesn't mean much to him if he's that torn. Before Lucifer can get angry, Belphegor diffuses the situation and MC talks to Lucifer. He claims that he's hesitating not because he's weighing his options but for other reasons. MC says that they would like Lucifer to remain and Lucifer asks if that's their personal opinion, stating that he puts the fans first, and as such, should remain with Nageki. However, he expresses concern at remaining with MC as he has feelings for them and some day won't be able to hold them back, but his confession is interrupted by the arrival of Diavolo.

"You're very loved, Lucif..."

Diavolo is here for an answer. Depending on MC's choice, they either refuse to give up Lucifer or let him handle that - in both options he doesn't join Diavolo's company, and Diavolo accepts it in resignation, but asks if they could have lunch sometime. Lucifer agrees and, after Diavolo leaves, he tries to confess to MC again, but is interrupted by the demon brothers falling out from hiding where they were trying to eavesdrop. Lucifer explains that he has chosen to stay, which relieves the brothers' worries, and tells MC they'll talk later. During a rehearsal later the other demon brothers are late after their break. MC can then ask Lucifer to continue their conversation from before, if not - he brings up the topic on his own. Lucifer then expresses his feelings for MC and asks if they would like to become his partner. MC chooses to either agree or comment on it, and then either cuddle up to him or kiss him, but the brothers walk in on them.

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