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Let's Play a Quirky Game Devilgram.png
Let's Play a Quirky Game
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 3
Belphegor Lv. 5
Luke Lv. 3
Card: Let's Play a Quirky Game
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Hey little doggie, not so..."

In the classroom Leviathan catches up with MC and tells them he bought a new and asks them to play with him. Belphegor and Luke overhear them talking about the new quirky RPG that just came out and join them in their plans to play after class.

"I don't agree!"

In the common room of the House of Lamentation the group starts up the new game. Right away Belphegor points out that the game looks like an ordinary RPG and wonders what makes it "quirky". Leviathan takes the lead playing the game while the others watch, they encounter a fight and he is surprised when there is no loot. Luke points out that monsters wouldn't need to card money so it makes sense there was no loot, but Levi tells him that is not like an RPG. Belphie points out a guild to collect rewards at instead, which makes Levi complain the game is too strict. They continue playing and Levi starts stealing items only to be arrested by guards much to his surprise, though Luke seems to think it an obvious consequence.

"It's good, and not as you'd..."

Later, after progressing halfway through the game Leviathan encounters a tough boss fight, Belphegor and Luke encourage him to use stronger attacks. Levi explains that it is very common in video games to have an impossible boss that you can't beat at this point in a game and ultimately loses as he expected. Luke insists that he levels up and tries again because they have to save the villagers. After more playing and getting a strong item they try the fight again and win, much to Levi's surprise again. He protests that that goes against video game logic but MC and Belphie celebrate the win anyways, before learning that Luke fell asleep during the leveling up.

"So Levi got muscle pain?"

Luke has fallen asleep with his head resting in Leviathan's lap. He complains about him using his legs as a pillow but Belphegor insists that they can't wake him up, which Levi agrees to as if it was obvious. Belphie fetches him a blanket and Levi stifles a sneeze all in attempts to not wake him, only to have Mammon march into the room moments later talking loudly. MC and the other brothers quietly yell at him for nearly waking Luke. They decide to carry him back to Purgatory Hall so that Simeon wouldn't worry. Once there they tell him they had a good time, he thanks them and asks that they play with him again some time, which they agree to.

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