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More Important Than Candy Devilgram.png
More Important Than Candy
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 7
Card: More Important Than Candy
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"I want some too."

Beelzebub asks MC to go trick or treating with him as it's the night before Halloween and they'll be busy party planning the next day, so they'd better go celebrate early. He wants to collect as much candy as possible - quantity over quality, as this is war and their mission is to bring home more candy than last year.

"My mouth tastes like cookies."

Their first target is Purgatory Hall where they are welcomed by Solomon. He's a bit surprised as he forgot that the celebration starts early and considers trick or treating childish. Beel however claims that it's unfair that only children get candy. Solomon brings freshly baked cookies for them - a lot of them. They look appetising so Beel tries one before Luke can approach and stop him. Turns out that the cookies were baked by Solomon and both Luke and Simeon are sick after trying them because they're so awful. Solomon is offended by the "exaggeration" but Luke faints. Beel's fine as he swallowed the cookie immediately as he noticed the weird taste.

"I want Barbatos's cook..."

Beel and MC's next stop is the Demon Lord's Castle - as Beel is looking forward Barbatos's baking. Once they're there, Beel immediately starts wolfing down the sweets, and as pleased as Barbatos is with the praise and compliments that Beel is giving to his baking, he reminds Beel that he brought a guest, MC, but isn't giving them any attention. Beel acknowledges his mistake and apologises to MC.

"Beel has good taste in..."

In town, Beel apologises to MC again. Beel invites MC to join the celebration in town. They either go window shopping and check out Halloween-themed stuff or look for a place to eat some snacks. Beel invites MC for Madam Scream's ghost pumpkin cream puffs, exclusive to Halloween. Back in the House of Lamentation Beel apologises to MC again as he feels bad for getting so preoccupied with candy when the person he cares so much about is beside him, and asks MC to tell him whenever he treats them badly, as he often just doesn't notice when he's focused on food. He has one more person to trick or treat, and if MC doesn't have any candy left, Beel tells them they're the sweet thing he wanted and MC can hug or kiss him.

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