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Our Own Little World Devilgram.png
Our Own Little World
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 7
Card: Our Own Little World
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Don't leave something danger..."

Belphegor comes down to the dining room to find that it's empty and there is no breakfast left. He finds a piece of candy and decides to eat it. Later, MC enters the dining room and hears someone calling their name. They discover that Belphegor has become small. At his request, they pick him up so he can tell them what happened. Just then, Satan walks in. He heard Belphegor's voice and is confused about why he doesn't see him anywhere. Mammon also enters, looking for his candy, and is also confused about where Belphegor is. Belphegor hops onto Mammon's shoulder and tries to get his attention. Satan then realizes what happened and tells Belphegor and MC that they're going on a trip.

"A theme park? How nice..."

Satan brings Belphegor and MC to Devil's Coast. Mammon has followed them and Satan notices that he's brought more candy. Satan tells the group that they've been building an attraction for smaller-sized fairies and demons and asked for his input. Since Belphegor is now small, Satan asks if he's willing to test out the attraction. MC eats a piece of candy as well so they can join Belphegor. When they enter the attraction, they see that there is a sea biome inside of a greenhouse. There are fish and jet-black dolphins, which Belphegor realizes that they might be able to ride, now that they are small.

"On the back of a dolphin?"

Belphegor tries and fails to climb onto the dolphin's back. With MC's help, they both manage to mount the dolphin. On their ride, MC can kiss Belphegor or talk with him. Belphegor suggests that they take a "stroll" through the ocean, but just then, Mammon shows up and challenges Belphegor to a race. The prize is a date with MC. Belphegor agrees and Mammon is annoyed that Belphegor got a head start. Belphegor wins the race, due to Mammon being thrown off his dolphin. Belphegor returns to MC and tells them that they should ride a whale next.

"A special kind of drink..."

After giving their opinions on the attraction to the staff, Belphegor and MC return to normal size to ride the Ferris wheel. On the Ferris wheel, Belphegor and MC share a drink. It is blue and sparkly, as it is meant to advertise the new attraction. They also received some Demonus, but Belphegor plans to save that to share with everyone at home. Belphegor tells MC about how much they mean to him. MC can kiss Belphegor, promise that they'll always make him happy, or tell him that they want to do more fun things together. Depending on their choice, Belphegor tells MC he loves them or he falls asleep in their lap.

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