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Plants Are My Forte
Intimacy: Not required
Card: Plants Are My Forte
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Hang in there, Luke."

The story begins in the classroom where MC, Luke, and Mammon are assigned a group project together. Luke is excited about the project, telling MC that he is the caretaker of Michael's gardens and therefore extremely knowledgeable about plants. Mammon is less excited about the project and his disinterested comments cause a fight between him and Luke. Luke decides that he's going to ignore Mammon and invites MC to the library for research. Depending on the choice, MC is able to invite Mammon or Mammon invites himself along. Luke tells Mammon that when the group visits the botanical gardens the next day, Mammon better not hold them back.

"You should leave it."

The scene changes to the botanical gardens and MC's partners are already arguing. Mammon thinks that flowers stink but Luke insists that flowers smell lovely. Then Luke warns MC about carnivorous plants, such as the giant Venus flytrap and the Devildom pitcher plant and urges them to be careful. Mammon, however, immediately hops over the fence, much to Luke's surprise. Mammon explains that he can't judge something's value unless he sees it up close and Luke decides to ignore Mammon because otherwise, they will waste all their time. Luke shows MC a map that he's drawn and MC is able to compliment Luke on his work which embarrasses him. When MC and Luke move to a different part of the greenhouse to start their work, Mammon starts yelling at them to not leave him behind.

"I wanted the video..."

Luke decides that the group is done with the current area and that they can move onto the section of the greenhouse with valuable plant specimens. This excites Mammon which concerns both Luke and MC. The group moves to the new greenhouse and Luke begins to tell MC about a plant. Then they are interrupted because Mammon starts screaming. Mammon is being chased by a giant Venus flytrap. Luke is surprised that giant Venus flytraps can run so fast and wants to take a video, which upsets Mammon. MC is given the option to tell Mammon that they'll save him but Luke insists that it's too dangerous and that he'll think of something.

"Nice work, Chihuahua."

Luke remembers that the giant Venus flytrap's weakness is hugs and proceeds to hug the plant. This calms the plant, much to Mammon's surprise. Luke explains that showing the plant kindness reduces its appetite and MC can comment on the plant or on Luke's knowledge. Mammon comments on Luke's ability to tame the plant, calling him Fido. This annoys Luke and he demands Mammon thank him for his help. Mammon thanks Luke and says that he won't try to steal the plants again. This further annoys Luke because he thinks that Mammon would have deserved whatever punishment he got for trying to steal the plants and tells the Venus flytrap that it can attack Mammon again. This scares Mammon so Luke decides that they should take the plant with them and use it to make sure Mammon behaves and does his part of the work.

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