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Race for the Golden Egg! Devilgram.png
Race for the Golden Egg!
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 7
Card: Race for the Golden Egg!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Looks delicious."

In town, Mammon and MC are trying to get past the crowd and Mammon suggests holding hands, which MC can accept or reject. They get spotted by the residents of Purgatory Hall, who are out enjoying the festivities as well. Luke informs MC and Mammon about a bunch of magical eggs that escaped from Hell's Kitchen. When Simeon mentions that one is made of pure gold, Mammon wants to join the search. Solomon explains that the owner of Hell's Kitchen set a reward for the person who brings the golden egg back to them, and that they're searching too. After they leave, Mammon gets hyped about the golden egg and the possible reward as he expects the reward to be either the egg itself or something even more valuable.

"Looking for a goose?"

Mammon searches for the golden egg, but it's nowhere to be seen. He then spots some magical eggs but can't tell if the golden one is among them, so he decides to catch them all at once. MC can either start looking for a net or suggest trying to catch them with his hands, but Mammon crushes one in the process first. He decides to go find a net while MC keeps an eye on the remaining eggs. Mammon returns with a net and catches them, but unfortunately the golden egg isn't among the caught eggs, so he runs off to find it.

"I brought them back for Beel."

Mammon keeps trying to find the golden egg, but all he catches are regular ones. Since both he and MC have been running after the eggs the whole afternoon, he wants to recharge. MC can either accept or reject his cuddles. He admits that even if the egg hunt was unsuccessful and he didn't find the golden one, he had fun since he was with MC. He considers taking the eggs they caught back to the House of Lamentation for dinner, but decides against it as there might be some reward in Hell's Kitchen for the normal eggs too. Suddenly he notices something.

"Eggs have protein so they..."

Mammon spots the golden egg and catches it. He wants to sell it, but MC talks him out of it, so he carries the heavy egg back. It turns out that the reward was an omelet made of the egg. He's upset because the reward wasn't worth it and the beautiful golden egg was smashed open. MC can then attempt to feed him some of the omelet, and later he notices that MC has a bit of the omelet on their face. If MC asks him to get that for them, he kisses them. On their way back home, the two meet Simeon, Luke, and Solomon again. The three had bet on what the reward was and are disappointed to learn the reward was an omelet. Mammon gives them some of the eggs he caught as a reward.

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