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Recipes for Magic Stones Devilgram.png
Recipes for Magic Stones
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 3
Simeon Lv. 5
Card: Recipes for Magic Stones
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"A salamander? Lol"

In the library of RAD, Belphegor and MC have met up to work on a magic stone project that they had been paired together for. They have been tasked with studying the effects of a magic stone, as well as making one. Thinking about all that work makes Belphie tired but they decide they can both nap when they are done. They find a book titled "Quick and Easy Magic Stone Recipes" that sounds promising. They decide to try making the stone that is described as perfect for beginners. Later in the a classroom, they finally finish the stone only to have it stolen by a salamander before they can test it.

"I wanted to meet them too."

Belphegor and MC race after the salamander that stole their magic stone project into the hallway where they run into Simeon. He asks them what is going on and they explain the situation. Simeon calmly tells them all they have to do is set out a tuna sandwich to bring the salamander back. They ask for his help in making the sandwich. After he agrees, they head to the RAD cafeteria. Simeon helps teach Belphie the best technique for chopping grieving onions, he goes to instruct MC on their next step when they find Beelzebub raiding their ingredients.

"Really coming straight awa..."

Belphegor explains that they need all of the ingredients to make a sandwich to lure out the salamander that stole their magic stone to Beelzebub to convince him to stop eating them. After MC or Belphie promises to make one for Beel too he stops eating the ingredients. Later in the RAD garden they have their finished sandwich ready to lure out the salamander. Simeon tells them they can drop the sandwich anywhere and it will work, and before long it does but their stone is nowhere to be seen. Belphie wonders if it ate the stone but Simeon points off somewhere asking if that is it.

"Are the tuna sandwiches n..."

Simeon points into the shrubs at something sparkling. Belphegor goes to look where he is pointing and finds the magic stone he worked on with MC. They all watch the salamander eating for a bit and discuss the relief of finding their missing project and start to discuss plans for the rest of the day. They suddenly remember they never found out what the stone does and Simeon suggests testing it now. They test the stone but nothing noticeable happens at first. but then a cat and black-tailed canary start to show up. After a shadow alpaca also shows up they conclude that the magic stone attracts animals and with that they were prepared to write their report.

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