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Spread Our Wings and Fly
Intimacy: Solomon Lv. 7
Card: Spread Our Wings and Fly
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Levi's very serious about..."

Solomon asks MC if they want to go somewhere with him, away from the hustle and bustle of the House of Lamentation. Leviathan bursts in and asks them for help, as Lucifer has asked him to sort RAD's (very messy) storeroom. Solomon says that they already have plans, but he will find someone to help. Later MC meets up with Solomon, who asks if they had been waiting and says that he had bribed Mammon to help Leviathan by promising he'd treat him to some Demonus. He tells MC to take his hand, and says "to the sky!"

"The sky looks pleasant."

As Solomon and MC fly through the sky, if MC says they want to go higher, they do so, and Solomon says they're so high up that it feels as though they are the only two people in the world. If MC says they're scared, Solomon reassures MC that it will be alright. Afterwards Solomon suggests that they take a break, and that they should dance. However, he notices that the birds around them are flying away. When gale winds start to rise, MC panics a little, and Solomon tells them not to let go of him no matter what.

"I was wondering what was..."

MC wakes up to Solomon calling their name. He says that they must have lost consciousness when the gale hit them, and then apologizes and says he should have paid more attention. MC thanks him for saving him, as they remember him putting his arms around them just before they crashed. Solomon then suggests they head back, but he has sprained his ankle. MC can choose to heal him, or ask him if it was because he had protected them, to which he replies he couldn't let them get hurt, then heals himself. As they take to the sky again, he tells MC that he'll fly more slowly on the way back to avoid a second accident. If MC chooses to move closer to him, he comments that he wants to just fly off with them. Solomon then notices something strange flying towards them.

"I can use it to keep Mammon..."

Solomon remarks that a drone is flying towards them. Mammon yells that he has found them, and Leviathan is annoyed that Solomon didn't help him just so he could go on a date with MC. Mammon worries that Solomon might've done something weird to MC. Asmodeus also joins in, telling MC to hurry back as he is making dinner tonight. Mammon continues to act jealous, to which Solomon responds not to worry as he will bring MC back nice and slowly. When they land, Solomon tells MC he enjoyed his time with them, and Beelzebub and Asmodeus come out to greet them. Asmodeus invites Solomon to eat with them, even though Mammon would probably be upset. Solomon then tells MC that he hopes to ask them out again sometime, but next time preferably somewhere the brothers can't see or hear.

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