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The Secret Flower Devilgram.png
The Secret Flower
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: The Secret Flower
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Phantom Thief Jade is heeeeere!"

Lucifer informs MC that Diavolo is waiting for them and they head out, but not before Asmo decides to join them. Lucifer reluctantly allows Asmo to follow them to the Demon Lord's Castle for the tea party. Diavolo laughs when he sees Asmo, but Barbatos is prepared. Asmo then asks MC if they want to take a walk later and Lucifer reminds him not to go too far. Diavolo reassures him that it's fine as long as he doesn't go into the gazebo, which contains a flower garden that's off-limits.

"Who wouldn't want to reve..."

Asmodeus decides to take MC into the gazebo despite Diavolo's warning. When they enter, Asmo is puzzled as to why the flower garden is off-limits as all it contained were some rare flowers, nothing too special. He asks MC for their opinion of the flower garden before asking if they want to have some "fun", when MC suddenly hears someone call their name.

"What's going on?"

MC hears someone call their name, and is given the option of seeing Mammon, Leviathan, or Belphegor, all in their demon form. MC expresses concern as to why they're here, but they disappear and Asmodeus, in his demon form, then complains to MC, saying that though he's right in front of them, they won't even look at him. He then says that he'll have to teach MC so that they won't forget that they're his when suddenly, MC sees Asmo in his casual attire, telling them that they're "amazing".

"You reap what you sow!"

Asmodeus blushes, stuck in the illusion. MC tries to shake him out of it, but he remains in the illusion. MC can then choose to hit Asmo on his head, step on his foot, or kiss him. This successfully brings Asmo back to reality, and he slowly realizes he was in an illusion, most likely due to the flowers. He then suggests remaining in the garden for a while longer before heading back. MC can choose to kiss Asmo again through dialogue options, and they talk for a while before getting interrupted by Lucifer, Diavolo, and Barbatos. Diavolo blames Lucifer for not watching over MC and Asmo properly, and Lucifer informs Asmo that he's going to get his whip.

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