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Time to Paint Devilgram.png
Time to Paint
Intimacy: Simeon Lv. 5
Card: Time to Paint
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Doesn't the sound of sketching..."

As the art class starts, Simeon reveals he is modelling for the rest of the students since the professor asked him to. He also informs them that incidentally, the best work will be awarded and displayed. Since they need to choose a pose, MC requests either a sexy pose or a natural one. If they choose sexy, Satan asks Simeon to run his hand through his hair and turn his face to the side while keeping eye contact. If they choose natural, Belphegor asks Simeon to just lean on his hand and stare out the window. Satan considers Belphie's suggestion a good idea as shading will be easier this way.

"I'm satisfied with my portrait."

Since MC and Satan continue to work on their paintings until lunch, Simeon checks out how their works are turning out and is stunned by how great the paintings look. The assignment is due the next day so he can't wait to see the finished pieces. Later, MC spots him reading a book in class so they attempt to start painting again but their brush starts smearing the paint over the canvas on its own.

"If it were me I'd go nuts."

Simeon checks MC's brush and finds that it's cursed, but wonders how it ended up in MC's possession. Lucifer drops by so Simeon asks him for help with the cursed brush. He removes the curse without problem. MC's artwork however remains damaged by the brush's actions. Simeon offers MC to help them - there's still some time until the deadline.

"The determination put..."

Simeon welcomes MC to his room and they start working on the assignment. MC asks him either for the same pose or wants to paint him while he's reading. During their painting session he is captivated by MC's serious look and asks them if they're looking at him so passionately just because of the appointment, to which they can either be confused why else would that be or dodge the question, which evolves into flirting. The next day, MC's painting turns out to be the best of all works and wins. Luke is convinced it's because Simeon was a great model, but Asmo points to MC's artistic ability. He however agrees that Simeon is indeed very handsome and has an idea - a fashion show. MC and Luke quickly pick it up so Simeon continues modelling a bit longer.

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