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Twin Birthday Bash Devilgram.png
Twin Birthday Bash
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 3
Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: Twin Birthday Bash
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"So many helping out."

Belphegor has gathered the other brothers in Satan's room. Since they're confused about why he called them there and not to his room and why one is missing, he explains that he needs advice - he wants to prepare a surprise for Beel on their birthday. His brothers are willing to lend him a hand and start brainstorming. Satan suggests a birthday party for Beel, Mammon claims that food would be enough, but Asmo points out it'd be just an average dinner out instead of something special, so Levi decides to buy the game that Beel was interested in so everyone plays it on the twins' birthday. Since it's secret Beel isn't supposed to find out, but as Belphie and MC leave Satan's room he notices them and asks about their visit in Satan's room. They give him an excuse but he wants a word with MC.

"This must be twin power!"

Beel takes MC to Lucifer's room. Alarmed by Beel's serious expression, Lucifer suspects that Beel ate furniture again, but Beel clarifies that he wants to surprise Belphie on their birthday. MC can choose to either agree or be surprised and boost Belphie's plan but Beel doesn't catch on. Lucifer admits he was thinking of a birthday party for the twins and recommends Beel to ask Barbatos for help with the venue and food, but offers to order additional catering specifically for him so Beel isn't tempted to eat Belphie's portions. Since it's a secret, Belphie isn't supposed to find out. The next day during a meal, Beel stops eating and it shocks Mammon and Satan. They both note that the twins are behaving weird. Belphie asks MC for a word, but Beel wants to talk to MC alone too - both claim it can't wait.

"The ultimate choice?"

Beel and Belphie start arguing who talks to MC first. MC chooses one so the other backs off until next day. If MC talks to Beel: he needs advice on the main dish for the party. Of MC talks to Belphie: he needs advice on decorations. During the final stage of planning Beel's party, Belphie's worried - he feels like Beel is ignoring him and hides something from him. He plans to address the issue during the party, when Beel lets his guard down. Later, Beel wants Belphie to accompany him, and Belphie has somewhere to show Beel as well, both baffled by the coincidence.

"A big success."

Both Belphie and Beel want to show their surprise to the other first and almost start arguing again, but MC's intervention makes them decide to go together. If MC holds their hands, they also calm down and apologise to each other. It turns out the restaurant that Beel led them to was exactly the same that Belphie wanted to take him so they're confused and surprised to find that they booked the same restaurant for each other. Diavolo notices and welcomes them. He explains that he owns the restaurant and both parties are planned to take place there. He leads them in and their brothers pop confetti and wish them happy birthday. The brothers are commenting on how the twins read each other's mind and not only reserved the same restaurant but ordered exactly the same custom cake too. Mammon makes a toast for the twins.

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