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Unspoken Feelings Devilgram.png
Unspoken Feelings
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 3
Belphegor Lv. 7
Card: Unspoken Feelings
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"That's an interes..."

During a Student Council meeting, Belphegor wakes up to Diavolo concluding his explanation of a new exchange program as a door to a new age. Belphie furiously opposes any contact with the Human World and asks if Diavolo hit his head to have come up with something like that. Upon hearing how disrespectful and rude Belphie is, Lucifer tries to silence him.

"I just don't..."

As Lucifer tries to discipline Belphegor, Diavolo orders him to let Belphie talk. Asmodeus notices that it's uncharacteristic for Belphie to blow up like that, but Mammon brushes it off as the youngest child throwing a fit. Being called the youngest only infuriates Belphegor even more, to the point that even Mammon tries to get him to cut it out. Diavolo promises Belphie that he will not allow any harm to the Devildom, but Belphie believes that any contact with humans brings harm. Diavolo tries to explain the idea again and reasons with Belphie that the times have changed and humans have become more open too. The program will help the Devildom grow and take steps forwards as well and maintain good relations with other realms.

"No point in fighting..."

Belphegor refuses to listen so Lucifer continues the meeting with a vote - all brothers with an exception of Beelzebub are in agreement to implement the program. Beel remains neutral and Belphie tries to use it to invalidate the voting, but since the two would be outvoted anyway, the decision is made. Mammon is more concerned about angels and their arrogance than humans, but concludes that it's still okay as their visit will be on the demons' conditions.

"He'll find o..."

Back in House of Lamentation, Belphegor screams at Lucifer and points out that Diavolo already made up his mind no matter their decision. He demands Lucifer to kill the program and calls him a lackey and a traitor. Lucifer remains unbothered, so Belphie storms out. He goes to vent to Beelzebub. He used to respect Lucifer but now detests him as he blindly follows orders. Belphie claims that his brothers forgot Lilith, otherwise they'd oppose the program and wouldn't say he's the youngest. Beel claims that if Belphie's the youngest then so is he as they're twins which throws Belphie off his rant. Beel adds that he's happy when Belphie's smiling, and so would be Lilith. While Belphie doubts it, he feels supported by that and asks Beel is Beel is going to always be at his side. As Beel confirms, Belphie plans to pressure Lucifer again with Beel later.

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