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Welcome to the Tea Party Devilgram.png
Welcome to the Tea Party
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Leviathan Lv. 3
Card: Welcome to the Tea Party
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"I see, take no responsibility."

In an alternate universe, Mad Hatter Lucifer has asked MC and Cheshire Cat Leviathan for advice on something. Leviathan says he's willing to help, but suspects that no one will be interested in his opinion. Lucifer attempts to reassure Leviathan, but after they argue a bit, he eventually drops it and gets back on topic. He wants to invite Diavolo to his next tea party, but as he holds tea parties all the time, he wants ideas to keep things fresh and interesting.

"We know what you like!"

Leviathan seems daunted by the request, but Lucifer says it doesn't have to be a huge change. He just wants something to make the party stand out and be enjoyable for Diavolo. Leviathan suggests having people play online games while sipping tea, but Lucifer points out that that would make it a gaming party instead. Leviathan then suggests the same idea, but with anime instead, and Lucifer responds that would be an anime viewing party.

"Yeah, I'm a genius!"

Exasperated, Lucifer asks Leviathan to suggest something not ridiculous. Leviathan then suggests a cat café. Lucifer claims that just because Leviathan is the Cheshire Cat doesn't mean he should add cats, but Leviathan points out that cat cafés exist in the Human World, too. MC can choose to corroborate this. Lucifer searches for cat cafés on his D.D.D., and seems intrigued by the idea, but it turns out Leviathan's idea was actually a cat-themed maid café.

"I actually wanted to go."

Leviathan explains that he's suggesting a maid café, but that the maids also wear cat ears and tails while serving their guests. Bewildered, Lucifer asks MC if such things really exist in the Human World, but then rejects the idea. Leviathan asks MC to act like a cat maid to appeal to Lucifer and save the idea, which is surprisingly effective. Encouraged, Leviathan requests MC to make more cat sounds, and emphasizes the idea of MC in a maid costume with cat ears and a tail. Lucifer is almost convinced, but then changes his mind. He says that while it's hard to refuse the idea of MC as a cat maid, he can't stand the idea of anyone else getting service like that, too. Leviathan is utterly devastated.

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