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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"That sounds just like some..."

Barbatos and MC will be staying in the Human World for several days together so Barbatos can investigate places that interest Diavolo. He mentions that Lucifer and Leviathan are already in the Human World for the same reason, and he's heard they chose places to visit that were related to their favorite pastimes. He wants to choose something different from them, and asks MC's opinion. MC can suggest either a focus on tea, a "foodie tour," or ask to visit lots of different places. Regardless of suggestion, Barbatos agrees with the idea, and says they will depart once they both finish packing.

"Circling around is quite the..."

Once Barbatos and MC arrive in the Human World, Barbatos spots a Western-style tapas bar that is a hybrid of a pub and a diner. He's curious about the place, so the two head inside. After sitting, Barbatos comments that their menu has an impressive selection, and appreciates the photos of dishes that are difficult to visualize just by their name.

He asks what dish MC is interested in trying, and orders their suggestion for them both, along wish some tea soda as a beverage. Once their food arrives, Barbatos serves MC some salad, and at first asks MC to let him know if they want to order anything else. Then he remembers they are on a walking food tour, so it would be best to save space for more food later.

"Where's my souvenir?"

Later in the day, Barbatos suggests he and MC take a break from eating. He asks what MC would like to do, and MC can either ask to visit a hot spring, or to walk around town and see the sights. If MC suggests a hot spring, Barbatos uses his powers to take them to a hot spring town and gets a room for them at a spa. The room has complimentary hot spring buns and tea set out, so he and MC enjoy them together before visiting the baths.

If MC wished to walk around town, they stop at a boutique store where Barbatos finds a garment he thinks suits MC, and holds it up to them so they can see, but then apologizes for getting "carried away." MC can then suggest they get matching souvenirs, or say they want something to remember this trip by.

"A cruise sounds fun!"

For the "grand finale" of their time in the Human World, Barbatos takes MC on a cruise ship. He'd booked the cruise in advance, and is pleased that MC is happy with his decision. They'll be staying the night on the ship, and once onboard, Barbatos ask if MC enjoyed the day's activities. He then comments the sea breeze is a little cold, and worries MC will catch a chill, so they head inside.

Later, Barbatos talks about how he enjoyed their dinner, as well as the view from the ship while dining. He suggests they have an early night to prepare for tomorrow, and after the lights go out, MC can either hug Barbatos or kiss him. A hugs makes Barbatos suggest they sleep while holding each other. A kiss surprises Barbatos, and because MC seems to have plans other than sleeping, suggests they stay awake a bit longer.

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