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A Pro Gamer Is Born! Devilgram.png
A Pro Gamer Is Born!
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 7
Card: A Pro Gamer Is Born!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Interesting ideas welcome!"

Leviathan complains that there's no professional gaming in the Devildom. Satan suspects it might not be popular enough, but Leviathan claims that's definitely not the case. Satan suggests that Leviathan should create pro gaming himself. Leviathan initially considers it impossible, but then remembers Diavolo's political influence could make it happen. Lucifer then informs him that Diavolo was actually interested in gaming tournaments recently, as he's been searching for a new, novel form of entertainment. As Diavolo would like the idea anyway, Lucifer proposes holding an esports tournament sponsored by RAD. Leviathan is surprised, but happy, and claims that he's going to become the Devildom's first champion.

"There was no food stand."

The esports tournament attracts a big audience and many players, much to Satan's surprise. Belphegor suspects that more demons have realized how much fun games can be. Barbatos then urges them to open the tournament, and after Satan announces the start, Diavolo makes a speech. He praises both esports and Leviathan's idea, and hopes for a good and clean competition. Barbatos proceeds to explain the rules: the game is a FPS, and players are divided into teams. Leviathan ends up with MC, Mammon and Asmodeus. Leviathan complains that the latter two are amateurs, but so is Lucifer's team. The game then begins.

"So loud I couldn't sleep."

After half an hour, Leviathan's and Lucifer's teams are in the lead. Beelzebub joins Satan on the mic after Belphegor fell asleep on duty. Beelzebub reports that Leviathan took down almost everyone from Lucifer's team, and only Lucifer is left. Leviathans team has lost two players too, as Mammon was bribed to drop out, and Asmodeus left due to a broken fingernail. Barbatos announces a break, and Leviathan starts rambling to MC as how the tournament is even more fun that he hoped for. However, he also knows that Lucifer will be a difficult opponent. Leviathan's determined to win, but also wants MC to reward him. MC can offer either a date or a gaming all-nighter as a reward for him winning. After the break, Leviathan corners Lucifer, but it turns out to be a trap, so MC sacrifices themself. Leviathan then manages to win, and becomes the Devildom's first esports champion.

"Can ya make a fortune fr..."

After the esports tournament, a celebration is held in a club. Everyone congratulates Leviathan, including Diavolo, who evaluates his performance and the tournament highly. This fact stuns Leviathan, as Diavolo had actually praised him. Barbatos wonders if Lucifer went easy on the birthday boy, but Lucifer denies that, and says Leviathan won thanks to his superior skill. The RAD Newspaper Club starts inquiring if Leviathan will confirm the rumor that he's going to go pro, but he tells them that he doesn't plan to go pro anymore. He then runs away with MC. Outside, he wants his reward, which gives MC a choice to kiss him. Once he calms down after the kiss, MC talks with him about his abandoned career plans, and he explains to them that he feels fulfilled after beating Lucifer. Also, a gaming career would mean less time with MC, and he's happy enough leisurely playing with MC.

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