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A Special Ceremony Devilgram.png
A Special Ceremony
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 7
Card: A Special Ceremony
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Happy New Year!"

In town, the brothers and MC are celebrating the New Year's Day. In the Devildom, New Year's is celebrated only every hundred years, so MC is lucky that it happened during their lifetime. Asmodeus wants them to leave the rest and spend the celebration alone with him, so they run away from the rest.

"Good one, Solomon!"

Asmodeus and MC arrive back to his room. He chose the location because everyone's out celebrating, so they have the whole House of Lamentation for themselves. Asmo snuggles up to MC and explains that the passing of a century is something special, so it's the peak of happiness that he got to spend such a wonderful occasion with them. Asmo was so excited that he just had to bring MC to his room, and he offers MC a new year's present: a kiss. But before he can kiss MC, Solomon summons him. Asmo grabs MC and they get pulled along with. Once they are teleported to the Demon Lord's Castle, Asmo starts scolding the sorcerer.

"I'm sure that was all made..."

After the scolding, Asmodeus decides he's going to punish Solomon for getting between him and MC. Solomon, however, defends himself by saying that he didn't want to disturb them, but was asked to summon him. That's when Mammon speaks up, and Asmo notices that Diavolo is present as well. Diavolo starts sulking that something was more important to Asmo and MC than him. Lucifer reminds Asmo of the party at the Demon Lord's Castle they were all supposed to attend, but Asmo forgot about it and didn't show up. It is a serious offense from Asmo's and MC's side, but Diavolo stops Lucifer's scolding, as it's in the past already. He is still quite offended though, and makes that clear. Lucifer is still going to punish Asmo, but lets it slide in case of MC. Asmo tries to talk his way out of it.

"Let's celebrate the new..."

Asmodeus claims he's got something to show them, but keeps stalling, and says that he was in the middle of talking it out with MC, so he runs away with them to finish the talk. Solomon is exasperated about Asmo's lies, but Asmo asks him for help, as it's his fault they were summoned. Solomon suggests a dance. They go back and perform a ceremonial new year's dance to a classical song from the Human World. Solomon explains to the awestruck rest of the group that it's a tradition in the East of the Human World. The performance is enough to save them from punishment, so the party continues with a toast. Later, Asmo and MC take a rest from the party in the garden, and he invites MC back to his room once the party's over.

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