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An Aerial Egg Hunt!
Intimacy: Not required
Card: An Aerial Egg Hunt!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"You could be invincible in VR!"

MC arrives late to the start of the "Aerial Egg Hunt," meaning they missed the explanation of the rules. Mephistopheles explains to them that the event involves catching the flying eggs across RAD's campus. Inside the eggs are cards, and cards with images of a chick are worth one point, while cards with a carrot are worth ten.

The team with the most points at the end wins, and as teams can have up to three people, Mephistopheles invites MC to join his and Raphael's team. Raphael then spots an egg coming their way with a hell rose pattern, and another nearby with a flame salamander drawing on it.

"The heart eggs are so cute!"

Mephistopheles is surprised how easy it was to catch both of the flying eggs, but when Raphael tries to open one, discovers it has no seam. Mephistopheles tries throwing the egg on the ground, but it doesn't crack. Raphael remembers that when the rules were explained, it was said that "clues would be hidden around campus," which makes Mephistopheles think the clues will tell how to open the eggs.

The two of them and MC split up to try and find the clues, and to also find more eggs. Raphael says they will all meet in the rear garden in thirty minutes. MC later finds Thirteen in one of RAD's hallways. She spots the basket MC's carrying and guesses they're taking part in the event. She's sitting this one out, but instead is having fun throwing fake flying eggs out amongst the real ones.

"Those were some cute eggs."

Thirteen tells MC that RAD's hallways only have fake eggs, so they shouldn't bother with those. MC can either ask if Thirteen should tell them that, or thank Thirteen and say it was nice of her to tell them. If the former, Thirteen says that MC is "a special case," and if the latter, Thirteen is happy, and says she wanted to make sure MC didn't waste any time.

When MC explains they're also looking for clues about how to open the eggs, Thirteen says she found a clue that said "use matching magic." She then takes an egg from MC and uses magic to crack it open. She then tells MC they have more fake eggs to throw around, and wishes them good luck before heading off. Later outside RAD, MC finds Mephistopheles surrounded by fake eggs, and he insists he needs MC's help.

"Could it be a souvenir?"

MC can either use magic to get rid of the fake eggs, or call the fake eggs over. Either method works, but Mephistopheles worries they haven't found enough eggs. Raphael adds the eggs he found to the pile, and Mephistopheles and MC are surprised he found so many. MC can tell Raphael that's amazing, and if they do, he appreciates the praise, but says it was just luck.

They've found three different hints for cracking the eggs. MC uses the same magic used on the eggs with raindrop designs with the ones having flame and wind designs. Mephistopheles takes care of eggs that have puzzles, leaving Raphael to warm up the ones that have pictures of chicks. Later, the winning team is Mephistopheles, Raphael, and MC. Raphael mentions it came down to the wire with warming up the chick eggs, but the thee of them were able to open them all.

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