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An Evening's Repose
Intimacy: Not required
Card: An Evening's Repose
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Will there be good food?"

Simeon invites MC to Purgatory Hall for a sleepover, making Mammon jealous. Belphie is angry too and claims it sounds like a fun invitation. Simeon explains that since there's never been an opportunity for the exchange students to hang out together, they're planning a little party in Purgatory Hall. If MC brings up that they're on cooking duty, Belphie fools Mammon into taking their turn, as MC would be sad otherwise. If MC doesn't bring it up, the scene goes right to Mammon simply telling them to take his turn the next day. Simeon departs with MC.

"It reminds me of wh..."

Luke welcomes MC and Solomon invites them to dinner. During the meal Simeon reminiscences how Luke was scared at first in the Devildom, but Solomon points out it was because Simeon kept scaring him by telling him that demons will eat him. Later, they realize they don't have any place to sleep for MC.

"Don't look inside!"

Simeon offers guest room for MC to stay in, but Luke informs him that the room cannot be used as Leviathan dumped a huge bunch of manga there, so MC ends up in Simeon's room. He lets them take the bed and intends to sleep on the sofa. As MC doesn't seem sleepy yet, Simeon makes tea from the Celestial Realm for them - the tea makes them start to drift off to sleep, but they're interrupted by someone.

"You're always welcome."

Mammon and Asmodeus burst into Simeon's room and the mess they make causes Solomon and Luke to come as well. They lead the demons out and Simeon and MC are alone again. Simeon is stunned and confused by what just happened, but shakes it off. They talk a bit more - MC can ask Simeon for ideas for a meal since MC is on cooking duty the next day and he lends them a cookbook from the Celestial Realm. If MC asks Simeon to tell them something about himself, they get a choice to ask about his special skills, favorite animal, or favorite color. Just after his reply, MC falls asleep so Simeon carries them to bed.

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