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Ancient Devildom Texts Devilgram.png
Ancient Devildom Texts
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 5
Beelzebub Lv. 3
Simeon Lv. 3
Card: Ancient Devildom Texts
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Not surprising he is react..."

Satan approaches MC in the hallway to ask how they are doing with the ancient literature handout they were assigned for class. He explains that even though they were told to decode as much as they could he didn't think anyone would be able to decode any of it at all. Simeon finds them talking and asks if the assignment is truly that hard. When shown it he says it is an old text but that he is able to read enough of it, much to Satan's surprise. Simeon offers to help them with the assignment, Satan agrees and offers to teach him something in return. MC is put in charge of drinks and sweets for the study event. Beelzebub overhears "sweets" and is invited to join the study group as he is also struggling with the assignment.

"There are strengths and w..."

Later in MC's room, the group starts to discuss subjects and classes they struggle with at times. Beelzebub explains that he is not very good at applied magical potions, after knocking over glass and being reminded by Satan of a similar previous disaster in that class. Satan tells the group his weakness is when drawing magic circles when a mistake resulted in an unintended summoning. Simeon shares his toughest subject is science when paired with someone using technical terms he doesn't understand.

"So I'm demanding ya coug..."

Once they start studying the assigned text, Simeon realizes that is an old diary from a human that was translated into an old Devildom text. He suggests that it might be easier for them to understand the text if they pretend the people in the diary entry are people they know. In an old time film style, Simeon tells the story of the penniless writer of the diary who tells of visiting a friend about a loan. The writer, played by Mammon, asks his farmer friend, played by Belphegor, for money but is told no. A passing traveler, played by Lucifer, suggest a field tilling competition to settle the dispute of whether or not the beggar should receive a loan. Back in MC's room the study group guesses who will win.

"It was easy to understand!"

The beggar Mammon and the farmer Belphegor are close in their competition, but the farmer with the experience and proper technique is victorious. The beggar, furious that he did such labor for the farmer for free, looks for the traveler who disappeared during their competition. With the diary entry over, the group thanks Simeon for helping them and making it easier to understand. Simeon asks Satan if he wants to try reading the next entry, he agrees and says he will ask for help if there is anything he can't read. The next entry discusses this person's lover, which Beelzebub suggests they should pretend is Asmodeus. After a time skip, Simeon proudly says Satan read most of the entry on his own. The whole group hurries to finish their assignment to find that Beel has eaten all the sweets.

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