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Aromatic Invitation Devilgram.png
Aromatic Invitation
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: Aromatic Invitation
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"This feels strange..."

In the dining room of the House of Lamentation, Belphegor notices MC staring at him. MC either asks if he's wearing cologne, or comments that he smells nice. He's not wearing cologne, but says that he went to a variety store the other day and purchased a fragrance diffuser for his room. The scent changes over time, and some of it must have rubbed off on him. Right now, the scent is called Neroli, and has a slight bitterness. He invites MC to his room to show them, but first leaves to get some drinks.

At the door to his room, however, Belphegor meets them and says they should go to the planetarium. A confused MC says either they thought they were going to his room, or asks about the diffuser. If the former, Belphegor asks why they'd do that. If the latter, Belphegor says he can show them later.

"Don't catch a cold."

In the planetarium, Belphegor has set up some candles to help them relax. MC again notices a nice scent, and again Belphegor explains the room fragrance rubbed off on him. This time, it's the floral scent of irises. The flickering of the candles causes Belphegor to nearly fall asleep, but then he sneezes, so MC leaves to fetch a blanket for him. When they step into his room, however, Belphegor in a different outfit greets them.

"Did that make you happy?"

Belphegor says he's glad MC came to visit him, and if MC asks if he came back to his room, he says he's been here the whole time. He then shows MC the fragrance diffuser, but again tells MC how he bought it. When MC comments on hearing this before, he says he must keep retelling the story because he likes the diffuser so much.

Belphegor then invites MC to his bed, and asks to sleep hugging them. If MC says he's the only one he'd allow do that, Belphegor is pleased they make an exception for him. If MC says they wouldn't mind a kiss, Belphegor kisses them. He then falls asleep, and MC gets a chat from Lucifer inviting them to the common room. Once there, however, there sits Belphegor. MC rushes back to his room to find the Belphegor they just left still sleeping, then goes to the planetarium to find a third Belphegor.

"It seems pretty useful..."

MC tells the other brothers there are apparently three Belphegors. Asmodeus mentions every time he sees Belphegor, he has a different scent. MC thinks the fragrance diffuser is to blame, so Lucifer investigates. He returns to explain the diffuser is a magic item, and it's caused Belphegor to split into three copies of himself. He'll return to normal once the fragrance is finished, so the brothers decide to leave him be until then.

Three days later, everyone is upset that the three Belphegors are monopolizing MC's time. Satan says that according to a book he found, if the copies are gathered in the same place, their scents will mix and cancel out the effect. MC invites all three Belphegors to the music room, who's sad when he returns to normal, because he was monopolizing their time on purpose. He's quick to get over that, however, and lies down with them for a nap.

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