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Baking With a Bang! Devilgram.png
Baking With a Bang!
Intimacy: Luke Lv. 5
Card: Baking With a Bang!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Where's mine?"

Barbatos welcomes MC to the Demon Lord's Castle and leads them to Luke who's been waiting for them. Simeon didn't expect MC, but Luke explains that since it's a sampling party for the new cake Barbatos taught him, he invited MC too as they must try it. MC goes with Luke to the kitchen to accompany and help him. He prepares everything and tells them to wash their hands, then they start baking.

"He's like a worrying mom."

Luke explains that they need to measure the ingredients properly as rough estimation might be fine for regular meals but not cakes. He tells MC to remember that when they're baking something on their own. Barbatos joins them and inquires if Luke needs his help, but ends up just supervising it from the side as Luke believes he can manage on his own. However, after he finishes making the dough, Barbatos brings his attention to the bits of powder he left in the bowl, but Luke proceeds to add almond powder when he should be adding syrup first. Luke gets annoyed that he's being corrected and demands that Barbatos leave. After the demon is out, Luke puts the cake into the oven, wishing however they had a kiln to bake it in. Solomon drops by and promises he can take care of it.

"This sorcerer is up for anything."

Solomon conjures a kiln and Luke puts the cake into it. Sometime later Simeon checks up on them and reports that Barbatos was looking dejected after Luke chased him out of the kitchen, but Luke complains it's because he was being a backseat chef. Solomon points out that Barbatos loves to dote on Luke, but Luke claims it doesn't make him happy at all. Simeon however notices that something smells good. Something suddenly explodes and the kitchen goes white.

"Everything ended up alright."

Solomon and Simeon try to reassure the saddened Luke by saying that such things happen a lot, but he points out that'd mean that kilns explode all the time. Diavolo shows up alarmed by the explosion - he was supposed to be out but hurried back for the cake. Barbatos asks what is that black lump that Luke's holding so the angel explains what happened. Barbatos suspects a wrong type of powder that created an incompatible combination. MC tries to lift Luke's spirits by saying that the cake might still be edible. Despite the advice not to, they reach for it and it turns out that there is actually something appetising under the charred surface. Depending on choice either MC or Luke tries it first. It's good, so even if it's not what Luke was trying to bake, he's glad. Then Diavolo tries some too and others follow. The cake is delicious and Barbatos praises it.

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