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Believer Devilgram.png
Intimacy: Barbatos Lv. 5
Card: Believer
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"I'm leaving the topic of unne..."

MC meets Barbatos at the House of Lamentation and he asks them how their attendant duties are going, to which MC can answer positively or negatively. Barbatos tells them that he's here to clear the attic of unnecessary items, and MC decides to join him. As they arrive in the attic, Barbatos notes that while there is more than he expected, things appear to be in good condition. As he looks around, he suddenly notices something in particular.

"Ah, that was indeed popular..."

Barbatos finds some dolls that resemble the seven brothers. He tells MC they are vehicles for curses, and comments on how much trouble the seven brothers always cause. Barbatos decides that he will show MC what kind of curse the dolls have, and chooses to test out Mammon's doll. As Barbatos plays with the doll, they hear Mammon start yelling from downstairs.

"I can't believe this was popu..."

Barbatos and MC sneak down from the attic to spy on Mammon from the hallway. Mammon and his younger brothers, sans Satan, are together in the entrance hall. Mammon screams that he doesn't understand what's going on as he is forced to copy the doll's movements, but his brothers do not seem very concerned about his behavior. MC and Barbatos can decide to continue playing with the dolls, or decide to stop. Eventually, Lucifer confronts the two. Barbatos decides that they must run away, so he creates a portal for himself and MC to escape through.

"So, Barbatos was better, huh?"

Barbatos and MC are somewhere very dark, and Barbatos explains that they are currently within a crevasse in time. This is where Barbatos teleports between physical locations and moves between the past and present. When they exit the crevasse, they end up on the staircase of the House of Lamentation. Lucifer and his brothers then confront MC and Barbatos, who try to escape. However, Barbatos's foot gets caught on the carpet, and the cursed dolls go flying. MC ends up catching them all, however, this results in the brothers becoming uncontrollably drawn to them, and MC finds themselves in the middle of a group hug. Lucifer eventually realizes that Satan is not with them, and Mammon reveals that Satan is the one who purchased the dolls in the first place. Barbatos takes a picture of the scene, and tells Lucifer that unless he wants to see it distributed throughout the Devildom, he will mind his cursed objects. With that, Barbatos takes his leave.

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