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Belphie's Results Devilgram.png
Belphie's Results
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: Belphie's Results
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Very straightforward."

Belphegor is in his room with Beelzebub. Belphegor asks his brother how he comes across to other people and Beelzebub is confused by the question. Belphegor calls MC out to the RAD courtyard, and asks them if they like him. MC can answer "yes" with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Belphegor responds to MC's answer and then asks how his expression looked. Just then, they are interrupted by Barbatos. Belphegor welcomes the interruption.

"Too many facial expressions."

Belphegor tells Barbatos that his and Beelzebub's birthday is coming up which means people will be celebrating them. During the celebration, Belphegor wants his facial expression to clearly show how happy he feels. Belphegor decides that he needs to practice having his expressions match his thoughts so his plan is to voice all his thoughts out loud and see if his face matches. In the dining room at the House of Lamentation, Belphegor asks Asmodeus if he's put away the dishes. Asmodeus says he did so Belphegor enthusiastically thanks him. Asmodeus is a bit put off by this. In the library, Satan is looking for a book he misplaced. Belphegor presents it to him with a big smile on his face, prompting Satan to ask Belphegor if he's okay. In the common room, Belphegor complains that everyone was super rude to him.

"That game looks delish."

Belphegor is confused and angry about his brothers' reactions. He asks MC what they think about everything. After MC answers, Leviathan enters the room to ask Belphegor if he wants to play some games. Belphegor agrees and Leviathan invites MC to join them as well. In Leviathan's room, the three play a game about desserts decorating themselves to be as delicious as possible when they are eaten. Then the desserts put themselves on a plate and the plates race to be first to the table. Belphegor thinks this is a bizarre concept but Leviathan thinks it's fun. Then he tells Belphegor that he's willing to listen if Belphegor wants to talk.

"How nice to have siblings!"

Belphegor tells Leviathan everything and Leviathan finds it hilarious. Belphegor is offended but Leviathan keeps laughing about everything that happened. The three of them choose their characters to start another round of gaming and Belphegor asks if it's really that weird for him to show his emotions on his face. Leviathan says it's not weird but it's not really like Belphegor. Belphegor is upset that people really think he's cold and emotionless and Leviathan tells MC that it's their chance to strike. MC can choose whether to attack Belphegor's character or Leviathan's character. Regardless of MC's choice, Leviathan defeats Belphegor's character. Belphegor sighs at his loss but Leviathan points out that even though Belphegor didn't express his emotions on his face, he could still tell that Belphegor was distracted from the game at that moment which is what let Leviathan defeat Belphegor. This means people can still know what Belphegor's thinking even if they can't see it on his face. Belphegor accepts this and suggests they play another round.

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