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22 October 2020 2 November 2020
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With Halloween soon approaching, MC finds out from the demon brothers that Diavolo's birthday is also on October 31st, and everyone in the Devildom celebrates it. However, MC and the brothers decide to throw him a party that's different from the previous years.


Lucifer gathers his brothers and MC in the student council room so they can discuss the upcoming festivities. As they explain to MC,Diavolo's birthday is on Halloween, so in the Devildom, Halloween is a three-day-long celebration. On the days before and after, demons will trick-or-treat and attend parties, but on the day of, there is a grand party at RAD to celebrate Diavolo's birthday. Typically, this party is very elegant, but this year, Lucifer suggests that they celebrate in a more unconventional manner.

The group agrees that they should throw a surprise party, and Lucifer takes MC with him to the Demon Lord's Castle so they can subtly probe him for information. While they are thinking about how to ask without arousing suspicion, Barbatos comes to greet them. He tells them that Diavolo isn't home, so Lucifer and MC decide to let Barbatos in on the plan because he'd be able to help them keep it a secret from Diavolo.

Barbatos brings Lucifer and MC to his bedroom and leaves to prepare some tea. While alone, MC and Lucifer discuss the upcoming party and how important Diavolo is to Lucifer. Lucifer agrees that Diavolo is important to him, but tells MC that there's someone else that's even more important to him. If MC understands that he's talking about them, then he gives them a kiss. Soon after, Barbatos returns and answers all of Lucifer's questions regarding Diavolo's preferences.

The next day, Lucifer calls another student council meeting. He gives his brothers a list they should use as reference for their planning and tells them that Luke, Simeon, and Solomon will also be helping. The group ends up deciding that assignments will be different this year and Lucifer explains that he and MC will assist everyone.

First, MC visits Belphegor in the Colosseum where he has been put in charge of decorations. He explains that last year they had massive bouquets, but he can't think of any new ideas for this year. With MC's encouragement, Belphegor decides that they could do a horror theme, like how Halloween is celebrated in the Human World. The two return to the House of Lamentation to search the attic for decorations, but Belphegor ends up spilling a pile onto MC. He manages to protect them, and to thank him, MC can give him a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

After leaving Belphegor, MC meets with Asmodeus in the kitchen. He tells MC that he wishes he could do the decorations again, but he's also excited about being able to pick the food. While they look over the catering magazines, MC can decide if they want to sit in Asmo's lap or not.

Next, MC goes to Satan's room where he tells them that he's been assigned costumes. This is a new concept for them, since in previous years, everyone wore tuxedos. Satan shows MC that they could possibly have a butler-themed event, which MC can appreciate or not. If they encourage him, Satan will roleplay with them, but in the end he decides that it's a bad idea and that it would be better for them to go in their demon forms instead. MC can react enthusiastically to this idea and hug Satan.

Later, MC meets with Beelzebub and Solomon in the common room. Beelzebub was chosen as emcee, but he's unsure what he'll have to do. Beelzebub ends up deciding that maybe he can take turns with Solomon, Simeon, and Luke throughout the night since the party is meant to show harmony between the three worlds. Solomon agrees and leaves to borrow Lucifer's script from last year, while Beelzebub practices with MC. During practice, MC can kiss him.

Then MC goes to Leviathan's room to help him pick the music. Usually, Diavolo's party has live music, but Leviathan suggests that this year, they could play anisongs. However, MC disagrees, so the two of them end up deciding to make a playlist of songs from the Human World. During their conversation, MC can kiss Leviathan on the cheek after he plays the song that MC had recommended to him.

Afterward, MC finds Mammon and they go into town to buy presents. To keep from getting separated in the crowd, MC can hold onto Mammon's clothes. Mammon decides to buy Diavolo a set of teacups. Then he notices a mug that he thinks MC might like and asks if they want to buy a matching set for the two of them.

On the day of the party, everyone meets in the Colosseum to discuss some final things. Namely that a large number of important demons and other creatures are visiting from all over the Devildom and might try to eat MC. Lucifer warns that no one must leave MC unattended and the brothers all agree to protect them. Some time later, the party begins. Diavolo is surprised that his party is so different from usual, but very pleased. During the party, the brothers begin arguing about who will protect MC first. When Diavolo and Barbatos come by to see what's going on, they all wish Diavolo a happy Halloween.



Pop Quiz Rewards
UR Party Hopping Mini.png
Party Hopping
Halloween Collection Item.png  275,000
UR Halloween After-Party! Mini.png
Halloween After-Party!
Halloween Collection Item.png  222,000
SSR Too Many Choices Mini.png
Too Many Choices
Halloween Collection Item.png  175,000
SSR Halloween and Sick Mini.png
Halloween and Sick
Halloween Collection Item.png  95,000
SR Prepare and Implement Mini.png
Prepare and Implement
Halloween Collection Item.png  10,000
SR Prepare to Party Mini.png
Prepare to Party
Halloween Collection Item.png  15,000
Ranking Rewards 1,001 +
1,001 ~ 1,500
Too Many Choices Mini.png Thanks for the Party Mini.png Grimm.png
Too Many Choices x1 Thanks for the Party x3 Grimm x20,000
1,501 ~ 3,000
Thanks for the Party Mini.png Grimm.png
Thanks for the Party x2 Grimm x17,500
3,001 ~ 5,000
Thanks for the Party Mini.png Grimm.png
Thanks for the Party x2 Grimm x15,000
5,001 ~ 10,000
Thanks for the Party Mini.png Grimm.png
Thanks for the Party x2 Grimm x12,500
10,001 ~ 30,000
Thanks for the Party Mini.png Grimm.png
Thanks for the Party x1 Grimm x10,000
30,001 ~ 100,000
Thanks for the Party Mini.png Grimm.png
Thanks for the Party x1 Grimm x7,500
100,001 +
Grimm x5,000
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