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Christmas Tree
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 7
Card: Christmas Tree
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"I've got a bad feeling abo..."

Mammon barges into MC's room in the morning and demands them to wake up and get ready. He wants to go with them to the forest to cut down a tree, and decorate it to put in the entrance hall. Mammon's excited because he found a picture of a Christmas tree, and in since it's this holiday in the Human World, he wants to decorate a tree and surprise the others.

"Careful it doesn't get chopped down."

Mammon brings MC to the tree area managed by Lucifer, so their tree hunting must be kept secret. Mammon complains a bit about the cold, since he can't handle cold very well. He asks if MC's hands are warm, and if MC confirms they are, he wants to hold hands. They then start looking for a fitting tree. After one not exactly good choice, Mammon spots a tree that looks exactly like the tree he saw in the photo. Coincidentally, there's already a pot and a shovel next to it, so he's convinced they're lucky, and should take the tree. Mammon starts digging, and comes to the conclusion that the tree must have been just planted, because the dirt is soft. It's too big, though, so he cuts it down so it fits better.

"It could be cuter!"

Mammon and MC carry the tree back and start setting it up in the entrance hall. Mammon ordered a tree stand from the Human World specially for this occasion, so they put it into it. After that, it's time to decorate, but since the Devildom doesn't celebrate Christmas, he doesn't have any decorations prepared. They go to the attic to find something fitting, and they find some garlands and lights. MC either thinks that a spider cocoon is an ornament, or that a reaper doll is a Santa decoration, and Mammon agrees to use it. He decides to use a dead starfish as a star too.

"Haven't I seen this tree b..."

They decorate the tree. When only star(fish) is left, Mammon climbs a ladder to put it on the top, but falls right afterwards, pushing MC down. After that, he wants to set up socks for presents, and cookies with milk for Santa. MC either considers it cute, and kisses him, or teases him that Santa only brings gifts to good kids. In both cases, Mammon admits that he has never been interested in celebrating like this before, but if it's with MC, he wants to try. Asmodeus, Leviathan, and Beelzebub are at first in awe at the tree, but notice that some of the decorations are their belongings, and get angry. Lucifer shows up, and also gets angry when he recognizes the tree. It was ordered by Diavolo from the Human World and presented to him a few days earlier. Mammon and MC run.

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