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Colorful Panic
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 8
Card: Colorful Panic
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"I'm looking forward to..."

During a student council meeting, Diavolo mentions that the Devil's Run is getting close and registration should be starting soon. Leviathan isn't pleased as he doesn't like the event; Asmodeus feels the same, albeit for different reasons. Beelzebub, however, likes it because after exercise food tastes better. MC asks for an explanation of what the Devil's Run is, to which Mammon answers that the Devil's Run is an event where Lucifer and Diavolo clarify that it's an annual race and the biggest sporting event in the Devildom. The participants have to make it to the finishing line while being targeted by demon gel, demon powder, and other similar things. As it is a chance to bring together the three realms, MC should participate too.

"As usual..."

MC runs the race. Luke and Mammon are targeted by demon gel or powder and Leviathan just wants to go home. Solomon has fun, despite the fact that, as Asmodeus points out, he's covered in powder. He replies that Asmo himself is also covered in gel. Asmo believes he looks great, even in such a state, and wants a selfie with MC. Lucifer and Diavolo join the group, but neither of them have any gel or powder on them. The staff are avoiding hitting them, despite Lucifer's orders to not mind the rank and position of participants. MC can either throw some of the gel onto Diavolo or Lucifer. They're interrupted, however, by Mammon being chased by everything and he clings to MC. After Lucifer fends off Mammon, he suggests that MC should stick by him, as there's a risk some demons might be after their soul.

"That's why I didn't run into..."

Lucifer laughs at MC because they look like a walking rainbow, but warns them not to let any demon water get into their eyes as it causes hallucinations. They hear Mammon's scream and are worried, as it seemed something more serious than usual happened. It turns out to be Satan and Belphegor testing a spell that they immediately tried to throw at Lucifer, but hit MC instead. Satan and Belphie are confused as who they hit, as they'd missed Lucifer, but realize it was MC. They blame Lucifer for dodging the attack. MC has injured their leg, so he offers to carry them to a first aid station. Satan and Belphie tease Lucifer for being so sweet to MC. While helping MC to the closest first aid station, Lucifer admits he doesn't want MC to get hurt and that it's not something he'd usually say.

"You can do it, Simeon!"

Simeon tends the first aid station they visit, and he starts to patch MC up. Their leg is swollen, but it's nothing serious. Simeon teases Lucifer to help him relax a bit, as Lucifer seems worried. Lucifer is reluctant to admit being worried for MC and changes the topic, asking if Simeon will participate in the race, but Simeon replies he's already finished it. MC wants to continue the race, despite Lucifer trying to talk them out of it. He comments that other demons have been more interested in them than the race. MC is given a choice to ask Lucifer if he's jealous, after which they can also ask either if it's okay to pet or kiss him. In the end, Lucifer allows MC to continue the race so long as they're with him. Simeon is irritated by their flirting and shoos them out.

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