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Enchanted Pudding
Intimacy: Diavolo Lv. 5
Card: Enchanted Pudding
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"I want to eat some!"

Diavolo is enjoying Lunatic Pudding before being interrupted by MC. He asks if they'd like to try it, giving MC the option to have him feed them. Diavolo praises the taste and aroma, before noticing that the sweet smell is coming from MC instead. He's then confused as to why he suddenly had the urge to touch MC.

"It had a strong effect."

Barbatos enters to serve tea before detecting the scent. He's momentarily shocked before asking if Diavolo fed MC the pudding. Barbatos draws their attention to the warning label, which states that the Lunatic Pudding is too stimulating for humans, with its ingestion causing the excess production of pheromones irresistible to potential mates. Immediately after, Barbatos is affected by the pheromones, and rushes to leave. Lucifer enters, and the scent instantly affects him. Diavolo apologetically asks him to stay away. As Diavolo and MC prepare to go somewhere safer, Beelzebub enters with some paperwork. Identifying the scent, he attempts to get closer to MC before Diavolo or MC themself stops him. Diavolo and MC then leave.

"Weird for Satan and Belphie to b..."

Diavolo takes MC to an empty classroom to hide briefly and apologises. He promises to protect them until the effect wears off, until Satan enters looking for MC. Satan, under the effect, requests MC to spend time with him, alone, saying he can't get them out of his mind. Belphegor tells him to get in line, before declaring that he wants to fall asleep holding MC. Satan demands that Belphie stop being ridiculous, and Belphie tells Satan to get out of his way. MC has the option to speak to either three of the demons. Diavolo places a barrier between MC and Satan and Belphie, and claims that he can't let them have MC. As they escape, Diavolo requests MC comes to the castle.

"That's Diavolo for you."

Diavolo is concerned for MC after being chased by demons and incubi on the way to the castle, but is interrupted. Mammon barges in, telling MC to stay in his room tonight since they've been lonely without him. Leviathan also shows up with a new manga, suggesting he and MC cuddle and read. Mammon asks Levi if he knocked his head, and Levi returns the insult. MC can force them to stay in place or ask Diavolo to do something, and either way, they're removed from the castle. Diavolo invites MC to his room, reassures them of their safety, and lets them stay until the effect subsides. Following some prodding, Diavolo admits that even though he'd like to lock them and keep them for himself, they need their freedom. The day after, Diavolo apologises to everyone, and brings Lunatic Pudding for all, making sure to get something safer for MC.

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