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Even If You're Far Away
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 7
Card: Even If You're Far Away
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"This could be my chance!"

Lucifer tells his brothers he is going to the human world again for business. This time, he is taking Mammon with him, so that he can keep an eye on him. Mammon says he wants MC to join them, but Lucifer says no: It's not a vacation. Later, Mammon complains to MC in their room about that, expecting to be treated as Lucifer's errand boy on the trip. Mammon asks if MC will miss him and he wants to make sure that MC will be careful around his brothers, as he thinks they will make a move on MC.

"What's up with him? Is he...lonely?"

MC is chatting with Luke, Simeon and Solomon at RAD, when MC gets a phone call from Mammon. He complains a bit about Lucifer before hearing Simeon, Solomon and Luke in the background talking and commenting about how he's already calling after one day, and even calling him needy. Mammon says he just want to make sure nobody is making a move on MC, especially Solomon. Simeon says that being possessive isn't an attractive quality. Mammon hangs up after another warning and Simeon, Luke, and Solomon begin wondering about the strange call. Solomon thinks it's fun gossip, which he can't wait to spread.

"Who knew phone calls co..."

In the common room, MC sits with Levi and Asmo. Levi wants to play a game, but Asmo wants to do MC's nails. While they're deciding what exactly they're going to do, MC gets a video call from Mammon. Asmo and Levi immediately comment on it, saying he just called yesterday. Mammon asks them what they are doing, sitting with MC, and Asmo explains that they're just in the common room. Mammon wants to know if they are making moves on MC and as soon as Asmo hears that, he starts hugging MC, telling Mammon it's a good idea to make a move now that Mammon isn't around. Before Mammon can say anything about it, however, Lucifer tells him to end the call, as they are very busy and it's not a vacation.

"Go home already, will you."

At the dinner table, Belphie and Satan talk about how quiet it is without Mammon. The conversation then shifts to talking about all the calls Mammon has made already. They tell MC it's just one more day before Mammon and Lucifer come back. The scene skips to the hallway, where Asmo asks MC to come shopping with him, but before they can go, suddenly Mammon appears! He drags MC away from Asmo to his room where he asks MC again if nobody made a move on them. When MC asks Mammon why he came back early, he says it's because Lucifer was too bossy. He's glad to be seeing MC again now, since there are some things you can only do face to face: like hugging or kissing. Later, in the common room, Mammon is being loud as per usual, causing Satan and Belphie to miss the quiet moments from before. MC asks if it bothers them, but Asmo says that it's appropriate, since the house is called the House of Lamentation.

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