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Golden Drop
Intimacy: Not required
Card: Golden Drop
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Quite a pickle for the y..."

At RAD grounds, Diavolo chats up MC asking why they haven't gone home. MC is waiting for Beelzebub, with whom they're going grocery shopping. He tells MC he's waiting for Barbatos and invites MC to chat but they are interrupted by a shout. Leviathan comes up chasing Mammon and demanding him to return his 120,000 Grimm but Mammon tells him he doesn't have it but he'll pay Levi back with interest later. Levi however needs the money now as he ordered a Ruri-chan OVA with cash-on-delivery and doesn't know what should he do if he can't pay the delivery guy. Levi conjures a trident to attack Mammon who dodges. Mammon ridicules his attempt, but his words are cut off as he realises the trident is about to hit Diavolo and shouts a warning.

"My blood just ran cold."

Leviathan panics as he realises his trident is heading straight for Diavolo. MC can either summon Beelzebub or protect Lord Diavolo themselves. In both cases Beel comes to save them. He snaps the trident clean in two before asking if everyone's okay as Diavolo praises him and thanks MC. Barbatos who has arrived, immediately asks if the Lord is unharmed as Mammon declares Beel's actions badass. Levi blames him for dodging and not returning his money but Barbatos interrupts, asking if they've forgotten something and prompting the two who realise their mistake. They quickly apologise to Diavolo for nearly hitting him. Barbatos grumbles at them while Beel thanks MC for waiting and they make to leave to go shopping. Diavolo stops them, asking if they have some free time the next day.

"It's his own fault."

At the House of Lamentation, Beelzebub asks if anyone heard a noise. MC confirms that they either heard screams from the basement to which Asmodeus responds its probably Mammon and Leviathan "playing" with Cerberus and wonders what they did; or cries from outside, Belphie says he thinks it's Mammon and Levi who were strung up from a tree. Satan assumes they did something to annoy Lucifer as usual. Beel agrees. Satan then asks if Beel and MC are going out and asks them to pick up a book for him if they're going into town but Lucifer interrupts, telling Satan the two were invited to the Demon Lord's Castle. He explains that Levi and Mammon caused Diavolo some trouble the day before but that Beel and MC were able to salvage the situation. Lucifer tells them to enjoy themselves and be careful while outside, Levi and Mammon cry and say they're sorry.

"Beel, you're in a good..."

At Diavolo's castle, Beelzebub and MC are amazed as the table is packed with delicious food. Diavolo explains its to thank them while Barbatos tells them the meal is buffet style, requesting they help themselves but is interrupted by Beel who already started eating. If MC starts the meal with sparkling tea, Diavolo quietly shares a tip how to dip cookies in the tea. Diavolo is scolded by Barbatos as such table manners are inappropriate for the future king but Diavolo tells him that it will remain secret. If MC chooses quiche, Diavolo praises their choice and Barbatos asks MC guess what secret ingredient he used. If MC guesses right, Diavolo acknowledges MC is quite knowledgeable about Devildom cuisine now. If MC guesses wrong, Beel corrects them. Barbatos shows surprise, thinking taste was secondary to Beel. Beel replies that he knows when food is good and Diavolo says that's a compliment. If MC chooses cake, Beel wolfs down the whole cake before Barbatos can cut a slice and chokes. Barbatos chastises him as he offers hell lemon tea to wash it down. Lucifer and the other brothers arrive. Lucifer is uncertain about participating as he thought was a treat for Beel and MC, but Diavolo assures him food tastes better when everyone eats together. At that, the others join in the meal.

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