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How to Enjoy a Party Devilgram.png
How to Enjoy a Party
Intimacy: Solomon Lv. 7
Card: How to Enjoy a Party
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Yeah, it looks like it will..."

Diavolo hosts a party at The Fall. MC comes with Solomon as their plus-one, which he feels honored about. Solomon notices that the demons around them have started popping open bottles of Demonus, drenching themselves and everyone around them in the drink. MC will either feel excited, or intimidated. Beelzebub greets MC and Solomon, explaining to them about splash time, where everyone splashes Demonus on each other when the lights turn red. He gives both MC and Solomon their own bottles of Demonus, and shows them how it's done by aggressively shaking the bottle before opening the cap, effectively soaking all of them in alcohol. Despite being surprised at first, Solomon will admit that was fun.

"You both were great."

Beelzebub tells MC and Solomon it's their turn to try splash time. MC can decide to go first, let Solomon go first, or have them both do it together. Beelzebub then leaves to go try the fruit platter. Despite exclaiming that his suit is completely soaked now, Solomon still gives out a hearty laugh, which MC can comment on.

"Being sticky all over is quite..."

Solomon asks MC if they're hungry. Due to the constant splash times, most of the food is drenched in Demonus. MC can choose to pass up on the food, or tell Solomon to try it first. If Solomon tries the food, he'll comment that the Demonus makes everything taste surprisingly good. When he asks if MC wants to try it, they will either decline, or open their mouth for Solomon to feed them. Solomon seems to be enjoying the chaotic energy of the party, and decides to liven it up more. Using magic, Solomon conjures up paper garlands and confetti, makes the Demonus showers colorful, and envelops everything in an aurora. MC could tell him that was amazing, or that he went overboard. If MC chooses the former, Solomon will say he did all that to put a huge smile on their face.

"While I was sleeping!"

Stepping outside, Solomon comes down from the party's high, and complains about how his wet suit feels disgusting. Since the House of Lamentation is farther away, Solomon suggests that MC should clean themselves up at Purgatory Hall, to which they accept. Once there and freshened up, they hang out in Solomon's room. Solomon mentions he should've been more careful if he knew how exhausted he'd be afterwards. He also explains that the real reason he invited MC to Purgatory Hall was to spend more time with them. When Solomon asks what they want to do now, MC could kiss him, or chat with him. If MC chooses to kiss him, Solomon will confess that after learning more about them, he fell in love with them. If MC wants to chat with him, Solomon will reveal that they are the only person who he can be his real self with.

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