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Luke's Dream Sandcastle! Devilgram.png
Luke's Dream Sandcastle!
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 3
Satan Lv. 3
Luke Lv. 5
Card: Luke's Dream Sandcastle!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"I really, really wanted to go..."

Luke is so excited to be at the beach that his pure, innocent wonderment makes Leviathan blush. Luke runs over the beach pointing out everything that stands out from the sand. Satan goes to read his book that just released while Levi lays in the hammock. They tell MC to call for them if they need help looking after Luke.

"Leviathan is quite attentive."

Simeon bought Luke a full sand-building set for the trip. First, he needs wet sand. The bucket of water is really heavy for Luke so Satan offers to carry it as it would be more efficient. Leviathan has already filled the pail with sand for mixing. They say their activities can wait until the castle is built.

"I want to build a sandca..."

The three of them start reinforcing the sand as a real project. MC can help Satan shave off excess sand, Leviathan build more specialized rooms, or Luke to generally make it bigger.

"The sandcastle is surprisingly..."

Everyone thanks the others for their hard work. For the finishing touch, Luke pulls out some flags for them to draw on. Luke makes his look angelic while Leviathan makes a cursed king flag. Satan makes a cat flag. The three dispute over who gets to put their flag on the highest tower. MC is the tie-breaker. For the third time, Luke's unabashed joy makes Levi comment on how cute he is. Now that the castle is done, they start building a town around it.

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