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One-Day Exchange!
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: One-Day Exchange!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Ya don't need the pillow."

Belphegor and MC depart from the House of Lamentation to a human world school for their one-day exchange, something that Beelzebub negotiated with Diavolo for Belphie's birthday. Mammon notices that Belphie's luggage is way too big for just one day, but Belphie is adamant on taking the pillow that Beel gave him. In the human world school, Belphie expresses how much he's looking forward to the day at human school, and that he's dreamed about it since forever. The bell rings when Belphie and MC are still outside, so they rush to class.

"Looks like fun!"

In the classroom, Solomon greets MC and Belphegor, who is surprised, as he was not informed that Lucifer appointed Solomon as a guide for them. Since the class is starting, Solomon shows them to their seats. After the lesson, Belphie notes that it was nothing like classes at RAD. It was so new and refreshing that he didn't feel sleepy at all. Solomon asks him if there are other things than school that he wants to do, and Belphie says he wants to check out club activities, and eat lunch on the school roof.

"Youth be like that!"

Solomon takes MC and Belphegor to the roof as Belphie requested, then leaves to make arrangements with the clubs. If MC is eager to eat lunch with Belphie, he claims Solomon told him the best part of going to the school store is to make it to the register without getting trampled by the mass of students. If asked why he picked the roof, Belphie explains that he watched a slice-of-life anime with Leviathan that had plenty of rooftop scenes, so he wanted to experience it, too. After lunch, Belphie's gotten sleepy. He sets up his pillow for a nap, and invites MC to join him and share the pillow. Soon they're interrupted by Solomon, who comes back with the news that he managed to arrange for them to do some after-school activities.

"No art club."

Belphegor and MC visit several clubs with Solomon, where Belphie tries out new activities. It's his first time trying them, but he's having a lot of fun. Since the day is coming to end and the one-day exchange was successful, Solomon performs a quick graduation ceremony, and MC handles Belphie the diploma. Belphie notices that there's a note on it inviting him to the cafeteria. As they all arrive there, the demon brothers wish him a happy birthday. They want to have a celebration for him there, after Beelzebub obtained Diavolo's permission for everyone to go to the human world to throw a birthday party. Everyone wishes the twins happy birthday again.

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