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Staying Home Together
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 7
Card: Staying Home Together
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Does the human world also h..."

During the holiday trip to the Human World, Mammon and Belphie are loafing around and wasting rare vacation in the human world much to Lucifer's and Asmo's exasperation. Both Lucifer and Asmo have plans, others are out already as well - and after they came back late the previous night. Belphie decides to go out too to search for a good place for a nap, so Mammon stays home alone with MC. He reluctantly asks them out but they don't have any preference as where to go, so he suggests a stroll to a park.

"Cold things for a cold day!"

On the stroll Mammon complains about the light being too strong and hurting his eyes as in the Devildom it's always dark so he's not used to the sun. If MC tells him they actually like the sun, he admits that it's something one can get used to. Then Mammon wants to take a break in a shady spot. If MC agrees, he soon spots an ice cream shop and wonders why the shop sells ice cream when it's cold. MC chooses then to either buy some or not. After that, or if MC wants to still walk a bit when Mammon asks for a break, he soon finds a nice lawn area. He enjoys the wind, to which MC might invite him to the game of tag - he's not pleased but runs after them - or laze around with him.

"Dry it properly."

Mammon expresses that he enjoys their leisure stroll, but it starts raining, so he and MC run back to the mansion. They arrive drenched, so he tells them that they should take a warm shower so they don't catch a cold. He takes one too and comes to their room to spend more time with them. Soon MC falls asleep while he's checking out Devilgram and they're smiling in their sleep.

"But I want to joiiiiiiiin!!!"

Mammon finds an old picture where Levi pulled a prank on MC and starts reminiscing how good MC looked in the clothes they were wearing. MC wakes up and takes a picture or kisses him on the cheek. If they take a picture, Mammon gets startled but then starts posing for a better photo for MC. The kiss gives him a scare and he gets flustered. MC can then ask Mammon what he was doing and find an old picture of themself on his D.D.D. or apologise for falling asleep. Mammon reassures them it's okay as everyone would be tired after the run and he got to see their sleeping face. He remembers that none of his brothers took an umbrella, so he and MC are going to be alone for a while. Depending on choices, Mammon asks if he can kiss MC, which MC accepts or rejects.

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