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Tea Served by a Butler
Intimacy: Not required
Card: Tea Served by a Butler
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"I was going to go for y..."

MC and Belphegor are on shopping duty when they run into Luke and Barbatos, who are shopping for baking ingredients. Barbatos is teaching Luke how to make sweets, and today they intend to bake a cake. Barbatos invites MC and Belphegor to come to the castle and have some once they're done shopping. Belphegor isn't interested, as he just want to spend the rest of day lazing about, but Barbatos insists that if he has time to do nothing then he has time to come visit and eat some cake.

"I'm jealous of Barbatos's..."

Once at the castle, MC and Belphegor run into Satan, who is there to return a book that he borrowed from Diavolo. Barbatos greets everyone and informs them he will be preparing some tea for them. MC either offers to help or just asks to come with Barbatos, but both choices lead to Barbatos taking MC to the kitchen. On the way, he thanks MC for coming to visit on such short notice.

"Even though it is a cup of..."

Luke is just about to put the cake in the oven when Barbatos returns and asks him if he has the oven on the right settings. Barbatos assures him he does, and once the cake begins baking informs Luke that there's no need to glare at the oven as it works excellently. Luke is still worried and insists he has to watch the oven closely to make sure the cake doesn't overcook. Meanwhile, Barbatos selects a simple blend of tea that will match well with a bittersweet cake. MC either asks if the kind of tea makes such a difference - to which Barbatos answers yes - or comments on how many kinds of tea Barbatos has - which leads Barbatos to comment that each one has different methods of brewing and serving. Barbatos then invites MC to come sample more teas from his collection at a later date.

"They ran off."

Luke tells Barbatos that he's amazing and a first-class butler. Barbatos tells him he's touched Luke thinks that, but Luke backtracks and pretends it was Solomon who said those things. Barbatos simply replies that he thinks Luke's baking skills are improving splendidly, then points out that the cake has finished baking. Returning to the others with the cake and tea, Barbatos finds Belphegor nearly asleep. Barbatos tells him to wake up as the cake is ready, so Belphegor asks MC to feed it to him. Whatever their answer, Barbatos is irritated by Belphegor's behavior and uses his magic to float the tea cups in the air and create a blinding light. Belphegor still won't open his eyes, so Barbatos declares he needs to be taught some manners. Satan tries to escape, but Barbatos tells him to stay as well. He then asks MC to have a seat, and the lesson begins.

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